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New book - Hot interview

In anticipation of my new novel – The Ice Woman Assignment – being released Friday, I was interviewed on Conversations LIVE! with Cyrus Webb. This very popular blog talk radio show is an interactive way for those in entertainment and the arts to come together to discuss whatever unites them in life. It was streamed live but you can still hear it. www.blogtalkradio.com/conversationslive

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First speaking engagement for 2013 a great succcess, looking forward to packed year of talks ahead

I had a great time speaking to the lovely members of the Holbury and Fawley U3A on Tuesday 26 February. They made me very welcome and were a superb audience. I talked about how I write my DI Andy Horton marine mystery crime novels and my thrillers.

I'm pleased to say that I will be…


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The Heist

Now available on Kindle, The Heist:

After a vicious robbery at a theme park, callous gang leader, Greg Armstrong blows up a rollercoaster to aid their escape, resulting in eighty-seven deaths. Months later, Kurt Vaughn and his family are enjoying a day out geocaching, but Kurt is about to discover that there’s more to the treasure hunt than he realises as the…


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January Justice by Athol Dickson

Award winning author, Athol Dickson is pleased to announce the first installment of his new murder mystery series, The Malcolm Cutter Memoirs. First up is January Justice. To read the first few chapters or purchase January Justice visit  http://Ez.com/JanuaryJusticeTour.

A limited number of Kindle editions are available to those willing to leave an honest…


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Review - The Holiday Murders, Robert Gott

This title was reviewed for the Newtown Review of Books

This novel of murder and military intelligence in wartime Melbourne is inspired by history.

While The Holiday Murders isn’t, sadly, a new William Powell book, Robert Gott has delivered another masterful crime novel steeped in Australia’s past.

For the full review:…


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Q & A

I was recently nterviewed for a great e-zine called Write 2 Be, published for the artists who like to remain strictly out of the box. Please give it a read.

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M*A*S*H Moves to Thailand

The time is the 1960s, the war is Vietnam, and the place is a remote US signal intelligence spy base in the  boondocks of Northeastern Thailand, but much of the rest is the same.  A bunch of brainy, irreverent, rambunctious, unmilitary draftees battle by-the-book lifers with results that are by turns humorous and grimly ironic.  The draftees are spooks, not docs, and the mission of the 7th RRFS at Ramasun Station is figuring out just what is going on in Southeast Asia, not…


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Plot It! Part 1

Lavender A late post this week because I was off to Black Belt Camp on Thursday.

Once again, I must admit I didn't write the basic points to this blog. I did, however write the details under each point. This blog is credited to author Will Lavender, who I met at the 2012 Killer Nashville conference. He presented this seminar on plot fundamentals.

I enjoyed this seminar even though I'm a…


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Triss Stein, Miranda James, Spenser, mystery short story, giveaways and more in KRL

In Kings River Life Magazine this morning we have a great mystery short story by Andrew MacRae http://kingsriverlife.com/02/23/strangers-well-met-an-original-mystery-short-story/


We also have another mystery TV Flashback from Deborah Harter Williams. This one is one of my personal favorites-"Spenser For Hire"…


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FREE TODAY AND TOMORROW Fun Caper With Lovebird Bank Robbers

Bottom line: free on Kindle today and tomorrow.

Next to the bottom line: I’m cruisin’ hard for reviews and think you’ll enjoy this enough to give me some stars.


BAILIN’ started life as a screenplay.  But if there is one thing harder to sell than a novel, it’s a movie script.  So, on the advice of TVwriter.com guru Larry Brody, I started “reverse adapting” my scripts—novelizing the…


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Pauline Rowson on book tour in North East England in April

I will be undertaking a book tour in the North East of England in April to publicise my latest crime novel to feature the flawed and rugged DI Andy Horton, Undercurrent,published by Severn House and to talk to readers about how I research, plot and write my novels.…


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6 FREE killer thrillers from award-winning, best-selling, internationally published authors!

"Killer Thrillers" is an authors collective of 24 award-winning, best-selling, internationally published authors. 6 of our titles are free today through Friday (2/20-22)

Download one, or grab them all! Killer Thrillers are guaranteed great reads! http://tinyurl.com/af4xf69

Freezing Point by Karen Dionne

Lucidity by CJ Lyons

Switch by Grant McKenzie

A Fine and Dangerous Season by Keith Raffel

Breaking Cover by JD…


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Review - Backtrack, Jason Dean

Book Title:   BACKTRACK

Author:  Jason Dean

ISBN:  978-0-7553-8308-5

Series: James Bishop

Year of Publication:  2013

Publisher:  Headline

Location:  USA

Book Synopsis

Sometimes a man must take a step back to move forwards...

In a small, sleepy Pennsylvania town, the staff of a loan store find themselves at the mercy of a gunman who demands they hand over the store's entire cash reserves. But when the sound of police sirens shatters the…


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Review - Dogstar Rising, Parker Bilal


Author:  Parker Bilal

ISBN:  9781608198719

Series: Makana

Year of Publication:  2013

Publisher:  Bloomsbury

Location:  Cairo, Egypt

Book Synopsis

It is the summer of 2001 and in Cairo's crowded streets the heat is rising...

The unsolved murders of young homeless boys are fanning the embers of religious hatred.As tensions mount, Makana - who fled his home in Sudan a decade ago - has a premonition that history may…


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Writers and their characters!

Today mystery writer Lauren Carr offers a unique look at the relationship we writers have with our fictional characters on my blog-Another Writer’s Life. She also treats us to a sneak peak at Blast from the Past, the fourth installment in the Mac Faraday Mystery series..

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Free mystery!

Tomorrow & Wednesday my detective novel Damaged Goods is free on Kindle. And starting Thursday The Payback Assignment will be on sale for 99 cents for a week.…


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Back In The Seat

I started a novel in October 2006 that was a mix of crime and horror with a large portion of the story set in 1920s Sydney. I worked on it solidly for two years and reached the climactic scene and then spent about four and a half years writing ten pages.

Last night, I wrote a thousand words. The first draft should be finished soon.

Sometimes it takes a while to finish things I start, but I always get there in the end.


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The Border Trilogy, Reissued

There are a few moments in a writer's life that stand out as landmarks. Holding that first published book in your hands is one of them. The first check is nice, too. Then as each successive book is published, getting it and turning it around, looking at the binding, examining the cover--these are all special, wonderful experiences. Something that you wrote, someone else cared enough about to edit and publish and now it's not just an idea but a thing, solid and real. The joy that accompanies…


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Love, Romanian Style

Hi, Crimesters,

I posted this for the Bloody Valentine blog hop and thought it might suit us here as well:

Nicolai and Elena Ceaușescu – two of the wackiest Communist dictators of the Cold War era (and I don’t use the term “wacky” lightly) – were executed on Christmas day, 1989.  And to the bitter end, they were madly in love.

I was going to write…


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Adult Truth #8

#8Obituaries would be a lot more interesting if they told you how the person died.”

At first I thought this was a little insensitive to the dead person's surviving family. Do the grandsons really need to read about grandma getting run over by a reindeer? Then I thought: lighten up, these truths are supposed be light-hearted fun.

With the last truth I discussed how much detail to put into a…


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