From Level Best Books, A New Psychological Thriller, Till She Was Done, by R. Barri Flowers

Till She Was Done: A Psychological Thriller, from Level Best books, by R. Barri Flowers.

Twenty years after a high school student’s bullying driven suicide, former students at Landen Creek High are being systematically shot to death in the town of Landen Creek, Oregon.

Homicide detectives Paige Lombard and Garrison Stanton investigate the crimes and search for the killers or a possible serial killer. The case becomes personal for Paige as she attended the high school and knew the victims, including being once romantically involved with the first victim, Ben Huxley.

One of the chief suspects in the case is Ben Huxley’s widow, Rachel Huxley. Garrison finds himself falling for the medical director of a women’s health center who could be a cold-blooded killer or accomplice in her husband’s murder.

Quinn Vogel, a real estate developer, returns to Landen Creek for Ben’s funeral, and finds himself attracted to Paige and vice versa; as Quinn harbors secrets about his high school years as a bully that may catch up to him.

Lily Aberdeen is Paige’s best friend and a bestselling author, who is leading a double life. Having been the victim of high school bullying that escalated into a sexual assault, Lily is out to settle some scores and no one will stop her till she made them pay.

The spinetingling twists and turns leads up to the Landen Creek High twenty-year class reunion and a never saw coming conclusion in this psychological thriller.

Till She Was Done is available in audio, eBook, and print, wherever books are sold! 

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