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Another DEVIL'S BAIT Rave

Thriller THE DEVIL'S BAIT just keeps scooping up rave reviews. The latest, at WebbWeaver ( says, in part:

"The action is fast-paced with many twists and turns and Mariotte has obviously done much research on the intricacies of banking transactions.

"The Devil’s Bait is an intriguing tale with loads of action and well written characters and I’m giving it 41/2 spiders."

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The Devil's in the Details

As a book reviewer, one of the areas of the book I analyze is writing style. I try to inform the potential reader about what type of book I’ve read.


Think about the different authors you’ve read. Besides the different genres having, or sometimes requiring, different styles, consider the multitude of authors in only one genre.


Horror – H.P. Lovecraft wrote lengthy sentences with details galore.

Stephen King writes flashback scenes with a lot of detail.…


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Top 10 Great Serial Killer Novels

These days, it's hard to find a crime fiction which doesn't include a serial killer: A single death might seem to boring or insignificant to shape a novel around. But in most of these novels, the character of serial killer is just one element in the story and not the biggest part of the plot.

Therefore we looked at the books we have read during the…


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from Lee Lamothe re Pauline Atta

Folks I'm sure all you sharp crime writers/readers on the site are too smart to be fooled, but just in case ... the spamming of the site by "Pauline Atta" of Thailand is of course spam. This individual has been deleted/banned from several sites. The thought is this individual is involved in either a money transfer scam or is trolling for a husband. A quick Google tells the tale. Just FYi. Lee

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The Professionals - Owen Laukkanen

There's been lots of buzz surrounding Owen Laukkanen's debut novel The Professionals, so I was really eager to read it. Oh boy, seriously -…


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Crime novels tend to vary. Not every other book is the same. Even if the story has some uncanny similarities to another book, the feel of it as a whole would be quite different. Every author has their own signature, of course, and they stamp down their own unique style on every piece of work they pen down. Even if we try to prevent it, a little bit of ourselves still bleed into our work. This makes any given author distinguishable from the next one.


However, crime novels vary…


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American Caliphate

My new archaeological mystery has just been released by Dark Oak Mysteries.  Please read.  If you do, I'll send you frequent flyer miles!…


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From my blog today:


Richard Godwin stopped by to give us a tantalizing peek at his latest novel, Mr. Glamour.  Hope you're hungry--the feast begins now!

Designer goods, beautiful…


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Have you ever read a Japanese crime fiction? “The Thief” By Fuminori Nakamura

In the case you have not read any Japanese crime fiction or thriller so far, we suggest you take a look at "The Thief " by Fuminori Nakamura. Born in 1977 and graduated…


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This is as close as you get to Agatha Christie: "Death at the Jesus Hospital"

David Dickinson, the Irish author of Lord Francis Powerscourt series. With a first-class degree in Classics from Cambridge, he worked in British television (BBC) for many years and was the editor of Newsnight and Panorama as well as Monarchy. He now divides his time between Somerset and France writing his…


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Review: Stick a Needle in My Eye

Crime author Julia Madeleine is all about needles. She works as a tattoo artist in Canada, penned a short story collection titled…


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Blue Monday - Nicci French

Blue Monday marks the start of a new series from bestselling husband and wife team Nicci French.

Frieda Klein is a…


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Hold it! First something you need to know before you read any further. This ain't no fiction, and I ain't no writer.

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There are a couple reasons I got into this.

1) I like good detective stories. 

2) I like good mysteries (not always the same thing).

3) I like good stories, period.

4) Once in a while you have to push yourself, even as a writer, and do something that neither you nor anyone else thought you might try. I've written several "hardboiled" mystery stories in the past but all of them had some other element- scifi, fantasy or both-…


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Force of Nature - C.J. Box

Last year about this time, I picked up the latest C.J. Box novel and reminded myself how much I enjoyed Box's…


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2012 Attendee Finds Agent at Conference

At Love Is Murder 2012, non-fiction author Gaye Mack went to our all-day pitch event and walked away with the agent she most wanted for her first novel. She graciously agreed to share her Love Is Murder experience with KISS KISS BANG BANG.


DPG: Tell us a little bit about the novel you pitched.…


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Green Pen Writers' Conference, Frankenmuth, MI

So it's almost April (with its shoures soote) and I'm looking forward to the active part of the year. All winter I focused on writing, managing to finish Book #3 of the Simon & Elizabeth series and Book #2 of the Dead Detective series. I'm at work on Book #3, but author appearances are starting to emerge. There were two in March, and from there on, the calendar starts to look like a dartboard, with towns and times scribbled all over the place.

The interesting date this month…


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Pauline Rowson on the Bridge of the Wightlink Ferry signing a copy of DI Horton crime novel A Killing Coast

was thrilled when Captain Paul Marshall, of the Wightlink ferry, St Clare, welcomed myself, my husband Bob, and our dear friends Nick and Linda Leader on to the Bridge on a glorious sunny morning on Friday 23 March.  The occasion was  not only to give Captain Marshall a signed copy of the DI Horton crime fiction novel, A Killing Coast but to surprise Linda…


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new here. sort of new to this genre although not as a reader.

normally i do monsters, aliens, elves, spies, super heroes and that sort of thing. I wanted to write some things set in the actual  world. so there's a thing coming up in ELLERY QUEEN and there's the ebook, first of four.

and there's me talking about it, from time to time.

thanks for the use of the hall.

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I come by my addiction to crime fiction... um... honestly. As the son of two 1950's era ex-heroin addicts and ex-cons from Los Angeles, crime is in my blood. My dad did a bounce in Soledad for Forgery, and mom was in Norco for Possession of Narcotics. I also had a grandpa in San Quentin, an uncle in Chino, my sister was also in Norco, just like dear ole Ma. One of my childhood friends became a serial killer. That's California for ya!

Because of…

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