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Crime latest – Jamie Bamber to return? Spooks and Morton, In the Line of Duty, The Scapegoat

• Is this the end for Jamie Bamber in…


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New crime series and thrillers coming to UK TV 2011/2012

Endeavour. Pic: ITV


Fictional series and thrillers are scarce during the holiday silly season. But broadcasters have plenty in production and are hoarding shows for September and on through autumn.


There are some hugely popular shows coming back, and a few intriguing new crime dramas on the way. Here's a rundown from my blog…


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Lee Child and Dennis Lehane – crowd pleasers at Theakston Crime Writing Festival 2011

Lee Child was undoubtedly the star of this weekend's Theakston Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival. Not only did he win Crime Novel of the Year for 61 Hours, but half of Yorkshire seemed to be packed into the assembly rooms at the Old Swan Hotel (where Agatha Christie hid out) to hear his Room 101 routine with journalist Christina Patterson.

His… Continue

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Stolen starring Damian Lewis, BBC1, PREVIEW

Rating ★★★★

BBC1, Sunday, 3 July, 9pm

From CrimeTimePreview

Plot twists, multiple murders, glamorous cops – you get none of these in this serious but emotional drama.

Child trafficking and slavery is the story here, and the writer, Stephen Butchard, clearly wants you to be aware of the crime and its attendant heartache going on all round… Continue

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Justified series 2 starring Timothy Olyphant

Rating ★★★★


5USA, Wednesdays, 10pm


It's good to be tipping our Stetsons to deputy US Marshal Raylan Givens again. All the winning ingredients of series one are back in the current season of Justified on 5USA.

Timothy Olyphant is as softly-spoken and laid back as ever, though having to hold off on his notorious trigger finger, having blown away so many drug dealers, mobsters and his dad last time round. He's resolved to…


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Why The Killing is the best thing on television – 10 reasons


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• Crime Zapper – Ciao, Zen; Emerald Noir •

• The Twitter-verse is a-flutter with the news that Zen is already sleeping with the fishes after just three pretty well-received episodes, thanks to the BBC's new godfather of BBC1,… Continue

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Castle Series 3 PREVIEW


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Murdoch Mysteries (series 4) PREVIEW

Rating ★★★

Alibi, Tuesdays, 9pm, from 15 February

The modern-day obsession with gory forensics and series such as CSI and the UK's Silent Witness is filtered into a late-Victorian makeover for Murdoch Mysteries. The setting is Toronto and William Murdoch, played by Yannick Bisson, is a pioneer in the then new detective sciences, but apart from these features this routine police procedural breaks little new… Continue

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Crime Zapper – The Shadow Line, The Killing, Midsomer Murders, Raymond Chandler

The Beeb has announced a fine cast for its new conspiracy thriller, The Shadow Line. The seven-part drama will star Chiwetel Ejiofor (American Gangster, Endgame), Christopher Eccleston (Lennon Naked, Doctor Who), Sir Antony Sher (The Wolfman, Primo, God on Trial) and Stephen Rea (The Crying Game, Breakfast on Pluto).

It starts with discovery of a body, shot at close range, that turns… Continue

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