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Woman Arrested for Filming a Traffic Stop

My first two novels, Compulsion and Dead Game, feature a vigilante crime fighter named Emily…


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Offender’s Signature vs. Modus Operandi

Sometimes it’s confusing for people to differentiate between a criminal’s signature versus the criminal’s modus operandi when they commit a specific crime. 

Are they the same?

No, they are distinctly different because one feeds on emotional needs, while the other is a procedure. 

Modus operandi is the method that is used to commit the crime…


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Award Winning Thriller Dead Game Visited Some Great Blogs Today


In this Video Game, ‘Game Over’ Means You’re Dead

In her independent efforts to catch child killers, Emily Stone discovers the evidence that the cops can’t—or won’t—uncover. Now, this covert investigator is back on the hunt for the world’s most sick and twisted murderers. But even with help from ex-police…


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What Makes a Terrifying Villain?


Why serial killers? 

I’ve been asked this question many times about my thrillers.  Why write about serial killers?  The very words “serial killer” scares me.  It conjures up images of a madman wielding an ax coming after me in the dead of night and help is nowhere to be found.  Or, running out of gas on a deserted country road and the nearest town is twenty miles away and there’s no signal for my cell phone… 



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Violence, Crime, and Psychopathic Offenders

Here's a few things to keep on the lookout when reading or writing a crime novel...

Not all crime and violent acts are committed by psychopathic offenders.  Individuals with a variety of mental disorders and addictions commit even some of the most unspeakable crimes in our society today. 

One of the biggest challenges facing our criminal justice system is incarcerating violent offenders with substance addictions, personality disorders (including psychopaths),…


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Following the Hectic Roadmap of Bloodstain Patterns

I find it absolutely fascinating how bloodstain patterns are interpreted and examined to help solve a crime.  This can answer so many questions on where the perpetrator was standing, how tall the perpetrator was, weapon used, and how the crime was committed.  Once you get past the “blood” part and really take an objective look at the patterns, it reveals a whole new perspective of what had…


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Applying Reliable Techniques & Methods for Crime Scene Reconstruction

My tough and driven heroine, Emily Stone, from my two novels (Compulsion, Dead…


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Crime Mapping and Law Enforcement — Putting the Pieces Together

A complex and growing problem among our civilized society has been the cause and effect of crime.  Three basic issues have been addressed and debated: how to prevent crime, how to combat crime, and how to punish for the criminal act.  Extensive research and tactical techniques have been the outcome to address such issues to protect the quality of life. …


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Psychic Makes False Claims of Mass Gravesite in Texas

Frenzied news reports that were coming out of Texas earlier this week led many of us to believe that a serial killer’s victims had been discovered in the Lone Star State.  A woman, who later identified herself as a psychic who goes by the name of Angel, called the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office to report that there was a mass grave of…


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Alleged Serial Killer in Ohio Faces the Potential Jurors

Anthony Sowell, an Ohio man accused of killing eleven women and then disposing of their bodies on his property, faced potential jurors for the first time on Monday.  Two hundred men and women from whom will likely come the group that chooses Sowell’s fate were…


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Are There Similarities Between Serial Killers and Serial Rapists?

I believe that law enforcement, criminal profilers, and private investigators can learn more about the dynamics of serial killers and their crimes by studying cases of serial rapists.  It has been determined by the way that victims are chosen, plan of attacks, and the fantasy internalization of the specific crime, have some close similarities between serial killers and…


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Guest Blog Post --

One of my articles has been posted on about "Writing the Cop Thriller".  This is a a great site for all types of interesting writing information.


Check out my post: Writing the Cop Thriller


I would love to hear your comments.

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Early Innovators of Forensic Science

I find everything about the science of forensics to be extremely interesting.  I can’t seem to shake my curious mind about how and why the various crime scene puzzles interlock and ultimately reveal the identity of the criminal.  Descriptions like “CSI” and “ criminal profiling” are the words that are commonplace in our language today.  

What was the inspiration…


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The Beginning of Criminal Profiling…

I’ve received many questions about profiling from readers.  It seems that many people are interested in this technique and how it actually works.  I can’t blame them because it’s an intriguing concept and that’s why I studied it along with my criminology.

In my books…


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How Long Does it Take to Write a Crime Novel?

This is a good question.  It’s a solid, straight to the point question about writing.   It’s a question I’ve been asked quite a bit lately. 

How long does it take to write a novel? 

I’ve heard answers from it takes a lifetime to however long it takes you to read a book times a five hundred.  These responses make me laugh and are honest, but…


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Computer Thief Unknowingly Creates His Own Mug Shot

We all have been made aware through cable news stories, magazine articles, and our own friends about the crimes that can be committed using a computer.  There is the growing menace of cyberbullying, through which (mostly) young people leave cruel remarks on Facebook or post embarrassing videos on YouTube.  Viruses can…


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Back to Forensic Basics with the Body Farm

Today’s post is not for the squeamish or faint of heart.  It's a perfect post for those who are writing crime fiction, thrillers, or mysteries. 

The body farm refers to a…


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Cubanarama Cold Cases — Casey Anthony Murder Trial Continues… Psychic Gale St. John Gets Subpoena


Find out why renowned psychic Gale St. John gets a subpoena from the defense for the Casey Anthony murder trial.



Open round table discussion about the investigation and murder trial of Casey Anthony and Gale St. John’s subpoena.  Call ins welcome @  (347)…


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Fingerprints — An Important Piece of Evidence

Fingerprints have been studied for uniqueness, identification and criminal importance for more than one hundred years.  The significance of fingerprints and the criminal justice system can’t be undervalued; they can implicate the guilty by linking a criminal to…


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