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Should Some Children be Diagnosed a Psychopath?

Today it seems that we are so careful to be politically correct about some things that need to be addressed from a psychological and clinical point of view.  The thought of a small child or a teenager being diagnosed as a psychopath leaves of us cold and most don’t want to even approach the idea.  I absolutely shudder at the…


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The Skillful Art of Interrogation

As with many things these days, the word “interrogation” has been replaced with “interview”.  I like to call it what it is, an interrogation.  Interrogative procedures are used to obtain a confession, admission of guilt, or illicit helpful information from a suspect in regard to an investigation.

In my…


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My Pick of 13 Interesting Facts about Serial Killers

Through my research and academic studies, I have found many interesting aspects about serial killers that may or may not be generally known.  I’ve incorporated a few aspects about serial killers from my list below to help keep my crime fiction heroine…


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Should “Hebephilia” Be Considered a Mental Disorder?

The world of forensic psychology is a dynamic one that involves ongoing research and debate regarding the motivations behind crimes, the role of mental illness, and proper place of medical professionals in determining someone’s punishment.  The contributions made by psychologists are not without their run-ins with controversy.  For instance, the latest edition of the Diagnostic and…


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Cadaver in my Garden

What you are about to read is a true account of an actual event.  The names haven’t been changed because no one will care.


First, let me start at the beginning, don’t worry it won’t take long.  I moved to the country about five years ago.  It’s lovely with wide-open spaces, room to breathe, tons of trees, and wildlife.  Many times when I…


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