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How Much Research is Essential for a Crime Thriller?

I love to conduct research.  This can be a thorn in a writer’s side, but I really enjoy this part of the creative process.  Just think about it… you learn something new every time you research.  You can actually learn a new fact today you didn’t know yesterday. 

It’s quite amazing when you begin to outline the story you want to write, you realize all the little details that you need to…


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The Real Story Behind the Novel…

It’s interesting how we can see things more clearly when we look back at events, how it shapes the present and even the future.  Here’s the real story behind my recent thriller novel Silent Partner. 

Sometime during 2002, I had an idea for a…


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The Missing Link in Psychopaths

We know that psychopaths lack remorse, empathy, ethics, and a conscience.  They lie with absolute clarity for whatever appeases them and their lifestyle. They are almost like an unscrupulous chameleon showing their mask of normalcy for most of the world to see, but wait for the opportunity to strike out against unsuspecting victims.   

Crime seems to be a logical choice for many of…


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What Do Crime Scenes Tell Us?

This is for all you super slueths out there or some insight into writing a murder mystery...

Understanding and interpreting a crime scene is much like a three-dimensional puzzle, generally with more questions than answers.  However, the exigent circumstances are that the investigator needs to come up with some answers immediately and hopefully the name and whereabouts of the…


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Discovered Vial of Serial Killer’s Blood May Connect More Victims

My area of specific interest may be forensic psychology, but I am fascinated by forensics in all of its applications.  I am regularly amazed by how experts can use a piece of clothing, a strand of hair, or a few drops of blood to build a case.  It was recently reported that forensic evidence stored in…


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Following the Clues of Forensic Anthropology

One of the more interesting aspects of forensic science, at least for me, is the study of forensic anthropology.  It entails the analysis of human skeletal remains that is within the context of a legal investigation. 

During my academic studies, I took forensic anthropology as one of the requirements for my bachelor’s degree in police forensics.  I thoroughly enjoyed the class and it made me view skeletal remains in more of a scientific way.  I was surprised how I…


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