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GO ABTP! (chant, chant, chant)

Okay, first... a gloat.

My favorite team, ABTP won! Woo-hoo!

If you haven't guessed yet, ABTP stands for "Anybody But The Patriots."

Seriously, I'm a Colts fan, but regardless of what team I liked, I'd still hate

the Patriots ... unless I lived in Boston. Then I'd like the Patriots,

but I'd have to…

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I'm not Richard Nixon!!

Okay, maybe by the end of this, you'll be going, 'sure, he's a politician like all the others."

Well, maybe, I have been kissing some babies lately. Their heads are all fuzzy and soft, so it can get kind of addicting. I guess I can

understand why the politicians do it all the time.

But why don't they kiss old people, or people with body odor? Old people need

comfort and love ... stinky people need, um, well, they can be lovable,

too ... from…


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Can I buy your vote?

Hey, can I buy your vote?

Um, not with money.

Sex? Nah, you don't want that from me either.

Okay, fine, I don't have anything to offer.

But can you vote for me anyway?

My new book "The Next Adventures of Guy ... more wackiness" is up for Preditor's and Editors SF/Fantasy Book Reader's Poll.

Wouldja mind voting?

Go here ...



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The Next Adventures of Guy ... more wackiness

Every Quest has to have an elf, a sorcerer, movie rights, special effects... and, most importantly, a sequel.

So in the hilarious sequel to The Adventures of Guy, Guy and his

college buddies Knob and Thurman take on a new quest... to save Earth

from alien invasion.

To so this, they must take on Big Oil and other sinister forces using

only their wits, their newfound powers and their knowledge of beer, all

while overcoming their own leader's lack of faith… Continue

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Calling all humor writers, publishers, readers, and, um...

Romance writers have theirs, thriller writers have theirs, so do mystery writers and Sci Fi writers .. but not humor writers. That's why no one takes us seriously!

To help the cause, I just set up a humor writers Ning page, called (what else?) ... HA ! Humor Writers. If you're interested in joining yet another writer's social network, bring your Whoopie Cushions and head on over to (don't do the 'www' thing).

I'm the only member so…

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We all do this, right?

Okay, get this... I was at Of Dark and Stormy Nights writers conference and I went to one of Barb D'Amato's sessions. Just for an exercise, she gave us ten minutes to write a short beginning to a book. I wrote this and

it seems kind of promising:…


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