Okay, maybe by the end of this, you'll be going, 'sure, he's a politician like all the others."
Well, maybe, I have been kissing some babies lately. Their heads are all
fuzzy and soft, so it can get kind of addicting. I guess I can understand why the politicians do it all the time.

But why don't they kiss old people, or people with body odor? Old people need comfort and love ... stinky people need, um, well, they can be lovable, too ... from a distance.

If I've offended anyone, I'm sorry.

And you know why I'm sorry?

Because I want/need/desire/crave/ask for your vote!!

'Your vote for what?' you ask. 'Are you running for Congress, President, PTA, your life?

None of those, my second book The Next Adventures of Guy ... more wackiness is entered in Preditors and Editor's Readers Poll Awards for Sci/Fi fantasy.

And get this ... after a week, it's in first.


But I need your help, because I've run all out of friends, relatives and total strangers who can't outrun me on the streets. And I'm not sure I can hold off the ballot-stuffers forever. So if you like what I write here, off the cuff mind you, help me out and go here http://www.critters.org/predpoll/novelsf.shtml to give me a vote.

It will only take you about 30 seconds from start to finish. After you vote, for me hopefully ... please ... grovel ... um... you'll get an email asking you to confirm your vote , so don't forget to click the link.

If you're saying to yourself, 'self, I haven't read his book. How can I vote for him in good conscience?'

Never fear, click on the link next to my book to read an excerpt. And believe me, the rest of the book is just as fun.

So go out there and vote!! Do your patriotic duty! And I promise, I'll kiss babies, old people and stinky people. My lips'll be flying. I'll be wrestling Huckabee and Obama for the privilege.

While you're at it, how about a vote for Echelon Press's The Heat of the Moment, the anthology where all profits go to the victims of the California wildfires? Here's that site http://www.critters.org/predpoll/antho.shtml

Okay, I've bugged you long enough with this.

Gotta go ...


The Adventures of Guy ...written by a guy (probably)
The Next Adventures of Guy ... more wackiness
The Heat of the Moment

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