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It's still rainy, so it must be April

Spoke too soon about the lack of rain. We've still got a deficit, I'm sure, but it's definitely rained, and from the look of the clouds, it will again today.

As this is blog #2 for me (Pepper, what were you thinking?!), I probably won't be doing it all that frequently, but I'll be putting stuff here as it occurs to me.

I'm enjoying the writing conversations on the forums. It's nice to actually talk with other professionals who are in the same genre--my publisher primarily… Continue

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Insert clever title here

Ah, getting started on a cool and potentially rainy April morning. There is that old saying about April showers, but after the freeze earlier this month and the serious lack of April showers otherwise, I don't know what sort of flowers May's going to bring.

Well, a tiny bit about me. I'm 45, married, and have a teenage son. I've been writing pretty much all my life, not counting the break I took after my son was born. My first mystery story was written with a school friend when I was… Continue

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