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The Devil's Highway, Roland Longville #7

Roland goes up against a fanatical militia leader in this latest fast-pacedand gritty installment in the Roland Longville series. On the trail of a collegegraduate who's disappeared, Roland becomes caught up in a web of intrigue, humantrafficking, and murder. Aided by a beautiful filmmaker, a renegade sheriff, andan alcoholic war hero, Roland find himself caught in the middle of an Apocalypticshowdown in a lonely Western town at the end of a forgotten stretch of pavement called The Devil's… Continue

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The End of Crimespace..please read

I see on Ning's homepage that they have decided to end free web hosting. This will of course mean the end of many fine communities that have arisen here over the last few years. The paid thing is going live May 4th or thereabouts. I know that paying for this service isn't an option for many of our members, and I can't really see paying for it myself, since I already have a hosted website to promote my work.

I must say that it has been tremendous fun and a growing experience belonging… Continue

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The Burning Day a Featured Title on Fictionwise.com

Roland Longville #6, The Burning Day, made the splash page on Fictionwise.com

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New Novel, New Blog, & a suggestion to all writers out there: Scribd.com

I've just finished the sixth installment of my Roland Longville series. It's due out in the next couple of months. Check out my web site, and if you don't know about Scribd, listen up!!! check out the button on my site.


Click that, and it will take you to the short stories and other works that I've uploaded to the site (free, though you have the option to offer them for sale for 20% of the top to Scribd.) I… Continue

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Finishing up #6

Roland Longville is back in the sixth installment of the series, The Burning Day. Back, that is, just as soon as I can finish editing and reworking the manuscript. Events in the last part of last year completely derailed me, and I have been out of the loop for a bit, but I've dusted myself off, and I'm back. So wish me well; here I go again.

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Large Print Editions out now!

Large print editions of all my novels are out now, through Brodart's McNaughton press. Season of the Witch, Magician, Dead Birmingham, Medusa and Lady Midnight are available on Amazon, as are the other, standard print versions, (trade paperback) Brodart will be featuring the series in the mystery section of their catalog, from which basically every library in the English-speaking world buys their large print collection. Words quail.

Meanwhile, I slave away on Roland… Continue

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Added Twitter to my Website...suggest other authors do the same.

There's a cool widget out there for all you authors on the go. The Twitter widget allows you to post whatever is happening with you, your book tour, or anything else you'd like to inform your readers about, right on your website. The look and colors are customizable, to a degree. Have a look at mine on www.southerncrime.com
The application itself is just a few lines of code, free with your (also free) Twitter account. Check it out!

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Brodart picks up my series

Brodart, large print distributor to public libraries, has picked up my entire Roland Longville series and will be re-releasing them by the end of the summer. It's a huge market and I am awfully excited. This will, no doubt, engender lots of signings and hobnobbing. I can't wait.

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Medusa--Trade Paperback

Medusa, Roland Longville number four, will be out by year's end. Lady Midnight will follow next year. I am currently finishing up the sixth installment, The Burning Day, and my publisher is so confident in my abilities that he is already advertising it for later release. I am lucky to have a great friend and co-conspirator in my publisher; he's a great writer himself, and in a similar vein, and I think he "knows where I'm coming from." I feel we are great friends and we… Continue

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Dead Birmingham

Roland Longville number three, Dead Birmingham, hits the bookstores next month. I am currently working on a screenplay at the behest of my publisher, a fine gentleman is eager to help me promote my fledgling series. I am gathering steam for a book tour, to begin soon. More to come...

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Approved Cover Art for Second Book..and first book signings....

The series continues to move forward. The first novel is selling well on Amazon and wil be in stores next month, and the second should follow soon after. Working on the sixth installment, The Burning Day, and a trilogy of novellas about a Southern sheriff that I plan to put between a single cover. Dashing madly from computer to computer, and loving it. Signed my first copies ever yesterday. It was a strange and wonderful experience.

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Paperback Release--Finally

My Roland Longville Series is finally being released in trade paperback editions; they will start rolling off the presses Oct. 14th, with two being released before Christmas, and the other three current titles in queue for next year. Very elated, to say the least.

Addendum: As of Oct. 9th, Season of the Witch is now in print, and will be available nationwide by Monday. Woohoo!~

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New Paperback Agreement

Well, at long long last my publisher is going to make me legit and rescue me from the twilight that is ebooks and audiobooks only. He recently informed me via email that he was adding my entire series thus far (five novels) to the paperback print queue. I am cautiously elated. I know what kind of legwork and self-promotion it's going to take from my end, but that's something that I have been prepared to embark on for a long time. I have plans within plans, as Frank Herbert once wrote. In any… Continue

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Roland Longville Number Five, and site redo

Lady Midnight is finally off to the publisher. I have a web developer working on a new look for my web site. I'm working on two books that are stand alone crime novels that are not part of my series. I am loving it right now. I am pumped and open to hearing from my kindred in crime. Writing my heart out down in Dixie.

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Leonard Cohen, Underground Porn, and a girl named Nookie

...All that and a whole lot more is in the fifth installment of the Roland Longville series, Lady Midnight. Mr. Leonard Cohen's management was kind enough to answer my humble entreaties (they said yes) to use lyrics of his song, also entitled Lady Midnight, in the text. The blurb runneth thusly:

In this lurid tale, Roland is hired by a senator who aspires to higher office. He wants Roland to bring his wild child daughter home before her antics disgrace him and cost him… Continue

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Number Five...and something new...

Well, I finished and submitted Medusa. It's the fourth installment in the Roland Longville series. Still, though, I am relegated to the underworld of the electronic book. My first two books are due out in audio editions, meanwhile, but a year has passed and still I wait. I am therefore, working on a side project, which has nothing to do with my present detective series, as well as the fifth installment of the Roland Longville series. Does anybody out there have any suggestions as to an… Continue

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Fourth Installment of Roland Longville series

Medusa, the fourth installment of the Roland Longville series, is in the can, after one last final edit. It's the sequel to the second novel, Magician, which has so far proven to be my own personal "best-seller." Magician has generated more kind emails and other feedback from fans than anything else I've done, so I was very nervous about writing this sequel, although I had deliberately left the ending open for just such a follow-up. I was nagged by the…


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Plot complications

One way I have of bypassing plot complications is simply to write the resolution first, and if I have a writer's cramp about how I get there, I just leave it and come back to it later. It's a sort of blitzkreig of the written word.

I can always come back to those painful sections later, and work them out, especially after the book is that much nearer completion, and things have come into better focus...which is what I am doing now. Enough blogging--back to the grindstone.

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Number Four..but not quite yet.

I am to a point now where I have to choose. I've been sitting in this room with the blinds adjusted just so they'll slant those moody orange slats of light over me in the death of afternoon. I've been working on three books at a time. One is the fourth in my Roland Longville series; the other is a stand-alone epic crime novel (how often do you see those?) that covers the entire career of a Southern sheriff. The third is a novel about..human darkness, I guess. A guy who thinks he's someone…


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When it hits you, it hits you.

Started working on new novel Sunday night. It is Thursday; I have 10,598 words. I am going to ride this wave as long as possible. Other projects that are waiting, will wait. Love it when things flow. Let them flow, then. I will become immersed in this muse, and forget the cry of gulls, and the profit and the loss. &c. Dig it.

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