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Welsh Noir

No really. There is, of course, a large contingent of English crime fiction writers. And there are a fair number of Irish crime fiction writers. And plenty of Scots are working hard at the trade. But are there no Welsh crime fiction writers? Or do they write in Welsh? Maybe there are plenty of crime fiction writers from Wales, but I just don't know it. Possibly because they've since moved. How about John Rickards? Is he really from Wales? Maybe Lee Child?

Or is there a paper…


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Website Contest

Don't forget. There's a contest to win a copy of THE CONCRETE MAZE over on my website. It costs nothing to enter, but the value of the prize is, well, it's...$7.99.*

* And no, I won't give you cash instead of the book.

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Don't Forget...

If you've been looking for a hardboiled, noir story to sink your teeth into, The Concrete Maze is available for free if you go to my homepage and enter the contest. It's free and easy, so give it a try. At the end of the contest, I'll be pulling names from a hat or similar receptacle and mailing out copies.

If that isn't your cup of tea - if you'd prefer NOT to travel all the way to my site, then… Continue

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My New York Times Article

Thought you might like to take a look at the article I
wrote for the NY Times. This link should get you

Sadly, it's in the CITY section which we don't get
here in CT.

The online article is attached to both an audio
interview and a slideshow. Not the greatest slideshow in history, but the audio has a funny bit at the end from my dad.


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In case...

You were wondering what Brian Lindenmuth at was thinking about my book, you can take a look for yourself. He has very nice things to say, but the best thing is he has is a rating system that goes up to 10 for the perfect book - I noticed James Sallis rang the bell with his book DRIVE. Well deserved, of course. Donna Moore almost got there with a 9.5 on the Brian scale. I got a 9. Not bad considering some Ken Bruen novels… Continue

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Dave White Asks About Summer Reading

Dave White, author of When One Man Dies (on sale everywhere in September and widely praised already - James Crumley gave it two fingers up...thumbs, that is) asks what you'll be reading this summer. For me the summer is a short one since I've just today finished calculating and entering grades for my summer classes and soon I'll need to prepare for the Fall. Also, I'm a slow reader so I'll be lucky to finish two or three books before I've got…


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