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Hot Enuf for Ya? (cross posted from Type M For Murder)

Hot Enuf for Ya?

Vicki here, sweltering in B.C.
There really is nothing that can take the place of on-the-spot research. In the Shadow of the Glaicer, the first in my new police procedural series, takes place in the fictional town of Trafalgar, which is set in the fictional area called

Mid-Kootenay, which is set in the real place called the Kootenays.…

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The Simple Life (cross-posted from

Like a throwback to days of yore, I'm settled comfortably into my new housesit, and I have to do without cell phone coverage (gasp) and use a... are you ready?... dial-up Internet connection. Hard to believe, isn't it? I actually have to phone my cell phone number to pick up any voice mail messages and wait for a second or two for my online warfish game screen to refresh.

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So Many Friends

This is just great. I joined Crimespace, and within a couple of days I had all sorts of interesting writers and readers wanting to be my friend. I haven't been this popular since.... actually, I've never been popular. I'm looking forward to reading up on all the authors on Crimespace and finding some great new books to read.

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News and Inspiration (cross-posted from Type M For Murder -

News and Inspiration


gotta love a small town. On the front page of today's Nelson Daily News

there's a story about none other than me. The picture is below the

fold, but the headline "Mystery author meets Draft Dogers" is above the

fold! And it's a very nice article as well, about my new book and how

it's set in a fictional version of Nelson and dealing with Vietnam

era-draft dodgers. Nelson's… Continue

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