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News and Inspiration

You gotta love a small town. On the front page of today's Nelson Daily News there's a story about none other than me. The picture is below the fold, but the headline "Mystery author meets Draft Dogers" is above the fold! And it's a very nice article as well, about my new book and how it's set in a fictional version of Nelson and dealing with Vietnam era-draft dodgers. Nelson's nickname (which the town hates) is Resisterville. The title of the book is mentioned several times, as are the names of my other books.

If you've arrived at this blog because of the mention in the paper, welcome. Pull up a chair and listen in on five mystery authors as we discuss murder and mayham.

Last week I wrote that I was about to go out on a walk-along with the Nelson Police. I did and I had such a great time! It was really exciting.

I was having a lot of trouble getting the new book started - something about a big deck and a gorgeous view and hot sunny weather I suspect. But after my night out on the beat, I've been fired up, and the fingers are really tapping. Rick wrote a bit ago about missing his characters after the book is finished. I find that these people really are living in my head. I am always thinking about them in one way or another. Earlier in the week I was at my yoga class, lying on my mat on the floor, meditating, when suddenly I thought "No hats! They don't wear hats!" I had assumed that all police officers wore hats (they do in Oakville and Toronto). But in Nelson they don't (unless part of the dress uniform). I have now found out that in most western communities, they don't wear hats. Oh, well. They do in Trafalgar, B.C. If that's the worst police procedure error I make I'll be doing ok. I also have my constable's baton hitting her on the thigh. Wrong - they have little ones that are about six inches long and fold out into a bigger one.

I often develop my ideas when I'm doing something else. When I was working, I'd say about the most inspirational part of my day, when my mind really drifted and found story ideas all by itself, was between getting off the Go train and settling into work with my coffee and bagel. Something about that slice of time just got me thinking. I was worried about after I retired, when I no longer had that bit of time. But since I've been here, I've been walking a lot, and I'm finding that the ideas fill the nooks and crannies of my mind (lots of empty space in there) when I'm walking or hiking.

Unfortunately the link to the Nelson Daily News web page isn't working, so I can't send you to my story. I'll try and get an electric copy and post it on my web page.

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