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Yet Another 5-Star Review

Another 5-star review! Here's what Cherie Hiles (Somewhere in the Bible belt) posted on about Damaged Goods:

"I was sorry it ended. I was completely hooked on this book from beginning to end. The writing is excellent, the story well-told with depth of character, and description that doesn't leave you confused - but doesn't go on and on to the point of boring you.

I honestly couldn't put it down except when forced, (funny how they think you ought to work at work,…


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Another Five Star Review!

Here's what Damascena posted on for Damaged Goods:

"Thisis is the first Hannibal Jones book I've read, and it is a delight on all levels. The writing is excellent to exquisite. the characters are believable (including the hero, who can do amazing things, but is still extremely human). the setting is lovingly and meticulously drawn, in several locales, and the story left me absolutely breathless on more than one occasion.

I especially enjoyed some of the side action,…


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FREE Action Adventure novel

If the movie "Battleship" looks interesting to you, you need to check out my submarine adventure novel "The Piranha Assignment."  It's FREE on Kindle for the next 5 days, and a great introduction to my Stark & O'Brien thriller series.…


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ANOTHER 5-Star Review

Karol B. Molpus "Lady K" posted this about Collateral Damage on

"Not your everyday mystery. Well chosen names and charactors. Easy to take and read when there is a time challenge. Fun new series I am excited to read more!"…


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Another 5 Star review!

Here's what M. Simpson "Kindle lover" posted on about Damaged Goods:

"Great novel. It surprised me; it was different from the previous Hannibal Jones mysteries. There was less beating up bad guys and more vulnerability. As usual, the characters were all very interesting and very unique. Read this one!"…


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