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Review - The Wrong Kind of Blood, Declan Hughes

I read the second Ed Loy Book The Colour of Blood a while ago and I confess I was hooked enough to buy the first book immediately. It's taken me a little while to get around to reading THE

WRONG KIND OF BLOOD, but it was worth the time. Follow the link below

to my comments on the first book, and if you haven't read either of

these, and kind of like a tough, hard as nails private detective and



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Review - Goat Song, Chantal Pelletier

After posting the first paragraph of this fabulous little book the other day on my own site, I've finished it and written up a review in more detail (the link below will take you there).

All I can say is that this book felt so "French" to me, that I found reading it an absolute joy. Okay - strange comment, one of the central characters does a line in depressed and pathetic that would make you want to slash your wrists

if you met him in a pub (or his, depending upon how much…


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Review - Last Breath, George D Shuman

Follow the link below to my review of LAST BREATH - the second of the Sherry Moore (blind psychic) novels by George D Shuman.


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Review - Dark Flight, Lin Anderson

The most recent of the Tartan Noir authors I've discovered is Lin
Anderson. DARK FLIGHT is the second of the Rhona MacLeod novels I've
read. Despite ticking my list of things that turn me off a book, DARK
FLIGHT didn't turn me off at all - I'm starting to develop a taste for
this series. Link below to my full review.


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Review - The Shadow in the River, Frode Grytten

The link below goes to a review of what's undoubtedly the first entry
in my Favourite Books of 2008. Frode Grytten is a Norwegian author who
grew up in Odda (the town that "features" in this book. Thought
provoking, unusual, more about the events and people surrounding a
crime than the crime itself, this was a fascinating book.


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Review - The Darkness Inside, John Rickards

THE DARKNESS INSIDE is part of the Private Investigator, ex-FBI, Alex Rourke series. This one sub-titled A Secret for a Secret ... A Life for a Life

Follow the link below to the full review.


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Review - Natual History, Neil Cross

Follow the link below to a full review of this new book from NZ based
author, Neil Cross. Neil is one of the writers for the BBC series
Spooks, as well as the author of four previous novels, and the
bestselling memoir Heartland. Unusual sort of a book - Natural History
- but well worth reading.


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Review - The Darkness Within, Jason Nahrung

The link below takes you off to a review of THE DARKNESS WITHIN, and
into a Sydney somewhat different than the one you'd think sits up there
- full sun or pouring rain. THE DARKNESS WITHIN is a supernatural
thriller, with a strong Australian voice and styling.


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Review - Blood of Dreams, Susan Parisi

Blood of Dreams is the first book from the Canadian born / Sydney residing new author. It came with a publicity blurb that says - amongst other things:

"explores the boundaries of obsession, savagery and sacrifice.... in the tradition of Sarah Waters, Anne Rice and Patrick Suskind's Perfume".

If that sort of historical, gothic, elaborate book appeals to you - follow the link below to my full review…


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Review - D-E-D Dead!

I love books that make me laugh. That include pointed digs at the
stupidity that we all deal with on a daily basis. So I loved D-E-D
Dead! It's pointed, it's funny, it's borderline silly in some places
and it made me happy! Follow the link below to a full review.


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Review - The Bookwoman's Fling, John Dunning

Full review of The Bookwoman's Last Fling by John Dunning via the link
below - book collecting and horse racing - not a totally expected
combination that's for sure!


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Review - Warning Shots Last, Joe Blake

Okay, I admit it - I'm a sucker for hard boiled, and when it's

delivered with what could .... just possibly be ..... a huge serve of

taking the piss, well I'm happy as a pig in..

Follow the link below to my review of the second Joe Blake "From the memoirs of Australia's top crime fighter. Complete and unexpurgated" and get your hands on these books - they are quick, perfect summer

reading and, well, hilarious.…


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Review - Appeal Denied, Peter Corris

Appeal Denied takes up the Cliff Hardy story as his appeal for return of his Private Investigator's licence is refused and Cliff finds himself job-less, money-less, with a broken down house and car, and a love life that's about to go pear shaped as well. Hard boiled, noir, Cliff Hardy is our very own PI with a beat on the mean streets of Sydney and the broken nose to go with it. For the full review:…


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Review - Equinox by Michael White

Over Christmas I was fortunate enough to read local author, Michael White's first crime thriller - Equinox and it's really really good - set in current day and 1600's Oxford - please follow this link for the full review:


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More Reviews - UK Authors

I seem to have been on a bit of a UK Author binge recently - but two new books.

Firstly the third in the Anna Travis series (Police Procedural) from Lynda La Plante - Clean Cut

Now for something completely different - the first in the Romanitas trilogy (the first book is called Romanitas) - an alternative history / mixed reality / thriller / sort of crime fiction… Continue

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Review - Redback, Lindy Cameron

A terrific change of style and pace for local author Lindy Cameron, Redback is her first thriller and it's an absolute ripper - definitely one of my best books for 2007 - for the full review please wander over to:


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New Reviews

I managed to read a lot over Christmas - just didn't manage to post a lot of reviews so I'm doing a bit of a scramble catchup.

The Storm Prophet, Hector MacDonald - this is a UK author, but the book is set in Sydney, around the Sydney-Hobart Yacht race which sets off every Boxing Day - for more see http://www.austcrimefiction.org/node/3832

Then there was King of Swords by Nick Stone - second book from him - for more see… Continue

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Genre Flash!

I don't know if this has been mentioned here before as I've been away over Christmas and New Year - but what the hell it's so good it deserves to be mentioned again if it has!

In a number of blogs recently (including one from Angela Savage, which I've now added to News and Views on AustCrimeFiction incidentally) mention was recently made of Lindy Cameron's great initiative - GENRE FLASH.



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