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The Violent World of Parker

When I read on Lisa Morton's blog that a collector had unloaded a large number of vintage Westlake/Stark books at The Iliad bookshop, I knew I was doomed. In spite of my overdeveloped sense of birthday entitlement, I refrained from going completely hogwild with the credit card. I fondled and cooed and lusted over many rare signed editions, but in the end I walked away with a stack of three more modestly priced prizes. A signed movie edition of THE OUTFIT (now the smash MGM movie starring Robert… Continue

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Rescue Me

Sorry for the delay in posting. It’s been crazy busy around the House of Faust. What else is new?

Anyway, the No Crime Unpublished Conference was a blast. It started off with a bang when I got tied up and rigged into a litter (y’know, that metal thing they lay injured people in to pull them up out of ravines with a helicopter) by the Montrose Search and Rescue team. They had great equipment, including all sorts of rope and climbing gear. (drool) Of course, it was also a fun and… Continue

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No Crime Unpublished

Crimespace is not letting me post links today so go check out my real blog:

to read today's entry.

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This is Awesome!

After two years in print, I finally got a HOODTOWN review in Wrestling Observer! I finally feel legit.

Best line:

“This is a book, if a group of us were to read together, would undoubtedly elicit that spontaneous chant,

This is Awesome!”

I know maybe three people out there will get that but I’m tickled pink. After all, they could be chanting “You fucked up!”

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