Well, I'll be doing the Live!From Left Coast Crime thing again on my blog "Getting Medieval" and hoping I come away with interesting insights and observations. I'll be meeting my editor there for the first time face to face and also my publicist. Boy, do I have questions for them! Poor souls. Good thing lots of alcohol is involved. And speaking of which, Thursday night I'll be participating in the Mile High Murder Machine tour, which is "A prison bus tour of Denver's most notorious crime sites." With tequilla. How can this be bad? What we will see in the dark, I don't know. But there's tequilla involved. So I'm there. Ya gotta keep warm somehow.

Don't miss my panel on Friday at 2:30 "The Good Old Days: Writing About the Past." This one is totally un-shilled as the moderator hasn't told us a thing about what she's going to ask. More tequilla, please.

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