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Medieval Noir Book Trailer

Very pleased with the new series book trailer. Check it out!

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Chastity Belts and Iron Maidens

Yup. Guest blogging today at Part of the continueing SERPENT IN THE THORNS Blog Tour. See the rest of the schedule at or

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Blog Tour Continues

The SERPENT IN THE THORNS blog flog contines at

As always, check my website for the rest!

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SERPENT IN THE THORNS blog tour starts today!

The blog tour begins at There will be a variety of mystery and history sites and it should prove interesting. Stop on by!

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Shamus Nomination

God, I can't believe it's been so long since I posted here! Should get back to it. The last time I posted I announced the debut of my medieval noir VEIL OF LIES, and almost a year later I get to report that it was nominated for two awards! One is the Macavity for Best Historical Mystery, presented by Mystery Reader's Journal and the other is the Shamus Award for Best First PI Novel, given by the Private Eye Writers of America. Both very cool and both represent the marriage… Continue

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Book Launch for Veil of Lies!

Veil of Lies; A Medieval Noir is out! And more importantly, we are partying. If you are in the LA area, stop by tomorrow, Saturday, November 8th at 4pm to Vroman's Bookstore in Pasadena, 695 E. Colorado Blvd. There will be sword-fighting knights on the sidewalk in front, medieval fare inside, a harpist, goodie bags, champagne, and good times. Oh yeah. And books! It's open to all so come on down!

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Heading to BEA

I'll be going to Book Expo of America at the LA Convention Center tomorrow and, having never been before, have no idea what to expect. But I will be blogging about it on my blog "Getting Medieval" so come check it out. Incidentally, after I hit BEA on Saturday, I've been invited to the Magic Castle, also someplace I've never been. Should be interesting (especially changing clothes in the convention center bathroom--there is a strict dress code at the Castle). I'll… Continue

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Day Job Woes

I am in the unenviable position of looking for another day job, having been down-sized from the secretarial job I had for the last seven years. Oh yes. A middle aged woman looking for work during a recession. I've started with a temp agency and maybe this is better with my soon-to-be wacky schedule. I've only been working part time anyway, otherwise there's no time to write. As long as the work comes in--even with a pay cut--I suppose we'll get along.

But on the plus side, I hope… Continue

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LA Times Festival of Books

I plan on reporting on the festival on my blog "Getting Medieval" if I'm not too worn out. I'll be going both days but it is a two hour drive there and another two hour drive back (strangely enough). Lots of driving and these are long days in the sun. But it's always an enjoyable time. No signings for me this year. Next year! Finally! I will be helping out at the Mystery Writers of America booth on Saturday from 10-11 am. Stop by and get a free bookmark. See you Angelinos there!

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Book Launch

First, I'd like to thank all those who responded. It's all part of the difficult navigation of one's first novel in print; all those little niggling questions that are never quite answered anywhere else. It gave me a lot to think about.

Here's the skinny. Even though I have a big publisher (St. Martin's) it doesn't mean I get the royal treatment. Far from it. Fortunately, I was well schooled ahead of time (well ahead of any contracts) that I would be doing a lot of the promotion… Continue

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Fresh From LCC and a publication date!

So I'm back in the real world again. All the little details of LEft Coast Crime can be read on my blog Getting Medieval. And when I got back, not only did I get my ISBNs but a on-sale and a pub date! On sale is October 28, 2008 for Veil of Lies, which will be, officially, a November release! Yay!

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Heading for Left Coast Crime

Well, I'll be doing the Live!From Left Coast Crime thing again on my blog "Getting Medieval" and hoping I come away with interesting insights and observations. I'll be meeting my editor there for the first time face to face and also my publicist. Boy, do I have questions for them! Poor souls. Good thing lots of alcohol is involved. And speaking of which, Thursday night I'll be participating in the Mile High Murder Machine tour, which is "A… Continue

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Catching up on stuff

Let me see. My manuscript is in production, I've got an article in on writing medieval, I've got an upcoming talk at the local Friends of the Library, I'm writing yet another blog on relics for being a relic myself :), I just opened a myspace page for my protagonist,…


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My Medieval Detective Gets His Own Blog

Yes, Crispin hath a blog, telling his story in his own words. He'll have gripes, stories, love
interests, perhaps a few drunken entries, and even a book recommendation or
two. Check it out at

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Bouchercon panel

So it looks like I'll be on a panel at Bouchercon. Fun, fun, fun. It's going to be an historical forensics panel. I might just be the only medieval mystery writer there. Though I've seen plenty of panels this will be my first and I am quite excited. The sucky thing is I won't have a book yet but I am preparing bookplates to sign for any interested stragglers.

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Getting the Marketing Machine Oiled

So since getting the word from St. Martin's, me and my lovely Vicious Circle have been plotting marketing. Good thing I'm not shy about it. I've noticed that (California) Inland Empire writers are getting more press these days so I've decided to take advantage of that by sending a press release to Inland Empire magazine. I was hoping to get a few interviews from them (follow me from contract to publication!) but they weren't biting, though they were interested in interviewing me closer to the… Continue

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Quip Quoted

As I noted on my blog, author Tod Goldberg quoted my article on last year's LA Times Festival of Books. It's nice to be noticed. I will be going again this year and look forward to Tod's panels and the many others to sit in on (Tod will be moderating the panel on the new authors of the Inland Empire, the next Place To Be. Who knew I lived in an up-and-coming location. Could've fooled me!) See you… Continue

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So I thought it would be a great idea to get blurbs on my pre-published, pre-contract novel Veil of Lies in order to get an editor’s “maybe” changed to a “yes”. My agent thought it was a great idea, too, especially after I started getting them. The fabulous Cornelia Read (A Field of Darkness) whom I met at Bouchercon was the first to offer one, and a truly…


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