THE COLD DISH (Police Proc-Wyoming-Cont) – VG Johnson, Craig – 1st in series
Viking, 2005 – Hardcover

Sheriff Walt Longmire is in charge of a small, but quirky group of law enforcement officers in Absaroka County, Wyoming. When the body of Cody Pritchard is found dead of a gunshot wound, they need to determine wither it is a hunting accident. But Cody, along with three others, is recently released from serving time for the brutal rape of a young Indian girl. If the killing is revenge, are the other three at risk of being killed?

Johnson does a wonderful job of providing sense of place, including mysticism into the story without overwhelming it, and writing excellent dialogue with wry humor. But mostly, it's the interesting characters about I want to know more. I'm only sorry this is the first book as it means I have to wait another year for his next book. Highly recommended.

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