A PLAGUE ON BOTH YOUR HOUSES (Amateur Sleuth-England-1300s) – G Gregory, Susanna – 1st in series
Time Warner Paperback, 1996- Paperback

Matthew Bartholomew is a physician and teacher at the University of Cambridge, which is suddenly having an epidemic of unexplained deaths that, he is told, relate to a power struggle with College of Oxford. But when the plague comes to Cambridge, Matthew is both trying to save lives and uncover the truth.

I had a bit of trouble caring about the supposed motive behind the murders and found it overly complicated. But I did care about the character of Matthew. He is well drawn, interesting and a character I would follow through a series. For me, though, the most interesting aspect was Matt's trying to deal with the plague and its impact, which was beyond imagination. It was a good first book; enough so that I shall read more of the series.

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