BAD LUCK AND TROUBLE (Unlicensed Investigator, Jack Reacher, Los Angeles, Cont) – G+
Child, Lee - 11th in series
Bantam Press, 2007, US Hardcover – ISBN: 9780593057018

First Sentence: The man was called Calvin Franz and the helicopter was a Bell 222.

Former military police investigator, Jack Reacher is in Seattle when he receives a 10-30 call from one of his former team of military investigators. A 10-30 is an urgent request for assistance. He arrives in Los Angeles to learn the police have found the body of one of the team of eight. He had been dropped 3,000 feet from a helicopter. As he meets up with Francis Neagley, one of this team, they realize other members of the eight are also missing and it somehow links to a company called New Age Defense Systems. One thing is certain, someone is about to learn that you “do not mess with the special investigators.”

The books in this series are always a good read. Jack is the definition of macho, but it was nice to see him question, a bit, what he’s done with his life in comparison to the other members of his unit. The plot is a little over the top, but so involving, I didn’t care. Whenever I’m mired in a series of “okay” reads, I know I can pick up a Lee Child book and be entertained. These are the perfect lazy Sunday or airplane book.

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