THE DEATH COLLECTORS (Police Procedural-Mobile, AL-Cont) - Ex Kerley, Jack – 2nd in series
Dutton, 2005 – Hardcover

Detective Carson Ryder and his partner Harry Nautilus are back as the only members of PSIT—the Psychopathological and Sociopathological Investigative Team. A woman's body has been found in a cheap motel room. She's nude, wearing only cheap rings, covered in flower petals, and surrounded by candles. But as the case progresses, they find it ties back to case in 1972, a serial killer and people who collect death art; objects involved in serial killings.

As much as I liked Kerley's first book, "The Hundredth Man," I thought this book was even better. Kerley has created great characters, an excellent sense of place, and wonderful dialogue. He knows how to perfectly balance humor and horror. The plot is tight and takes turns I never saw coming. There was only one small spot that could have used a sharper editor, but that's a very small criticism and certainly didn't diminish my enjoyment of the story. On Mr. Kerley's website he writes "All I can say is, if you’re going to plunk down twenty-five or so bucks for a book, I’ll do my best to make it worth your while." Trust me, he succeeded. I'm definitely ready for the next book.

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