THE LAKE OF DEAD LANGUAGES (Suspense-Adirondacks-Cont) – NR/DNF
Goodman, Carol – 1st book
Ballantine Books, 2006- Paperback

Jane Hudson teaches Latin and lives in a cottage at the Heart Lake School for Girls. Jane had also been a student and graduated from Heart Lake. While there, two of her roommates died by committing suicide; or did they? Pages from Jane's lost journal from 20 years ago are now turning up. Now Jane has three students who seem to be repeating the past.

When you identify the villain almost from the beginning, there's almost no way you can continue. Add to that characters about whom I really didn't care and a story that seemed built on coincidence, and it was doomed. The best part of the book was describing how ice forms on a lake, but that certainly wasn't enough to keep me going.

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