(A) DESERT PLACES / (B) LOCKED DOORS (Suspense-Cont) – NR/DNF Crouch, Blake – 1st and 2nd in series
St. Martin's Press,
2004/2005 - Hardcover

(A) Thriller writer Andrew Thomas is set up as a serial killer and has no way of proving he is not. (B) It appears on of the bad guys from book (A) is still alive and again out to terrorize Andrew.

I group these together as I accidentally started book (B) first, couldn't get into it and thought it might be better if I read book (A) first. I was wrong. These are books that a light in character development, but very heavy on gore and violence. I should like to author to have taken the "less is more" approach; his suspense is effective, but for me, the overt violence and gore made it impossible for me to stay with. True horror lovers will probably enjoy these but they just weren’t for me.

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