Delaney, Joseph – THE SPOOK’S SECRET

THE SPOOK’S SECRET (YA Fantasy-England) – G+ Delaney,
Joseph – 3rd series
The Bodley Head, 2006- UK Hardcover

Apprentice Tom Ward and his master head to Spook’s winter house in Anlezark. The house’s cellar is full of bound witches and boggarts, including Meg the Spook’s one-time live. But beyond a stone-throwing boggart the greatest threat comes from Morgan, a failed apprentice of Spook. Morgan has taken to the dark arts raising the dead. Now he wants to remove Spook, make Tom his apprentice and have Tom steal a grimoire from Spook for him.

This is definitely not a book for the very young but for adolescents and teens who like things that go bump in the night. What it is, is a fast-paced, involving read. It deals with family, loyalty and friendship. So for those of use who enjoy visits to the paranormal, but don’t always want something as gruesome as Jim Butcher or Simon Green can be—although, personally I enjoy their books as well—this is an enjoyable book in a very good series.

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