Beaton, M.C. - Death of a Dentist - Ok Maxed out on this series, don't think authors likes her characters

Christie, Agatha - The Mysterious Mr. Quin - G Short stories-more fanciful of her work

Craig, Phillip R. - Woman Who Walked into the Sea - G Academics on the Vineyard, enjoyable

Donati, Sara - Into the Wilderness - VG Cont of movie "Last of Mohecians" well done except for characters ages didn't make sense to me.

DuBois, Brenden - Shattered Shell - Ex 1999 HM - Really liked, arson, cops lover raped, exciting

Gardner, Lisa - The Other Daughter - VG Good twists-took you to the end

Gerritsen, Tess - Keeper of the Bride - G Harlequin Intrigue- abandoned bride, cop, bomber, good

Harrison, Jamie - The Edge of the Crazies - Sold 1st of series - boring - quit 1/2 way through

Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia - Shallow Graves - VG Wonderful dialogue, clever use of words, excellent series

Isenberg, Jane - The "M" Word - Sold Couldn't even get into it

Jacobs, Jonnie - Motion to Dismiss - G Bay Area - Kale O'Brian, good except for Perry Mason ending

Kearsley, Susanna - Named of the Dragon - Ok Lacked the suspense, mysticism and romance of previous books

Lehane, Dennis - Prayers for the Rain - Ex 1999 Top Ten - Families lives being destroyed, excellent

Muller, Marcia - A Walk Through Fire - G Not her best but she's still good - Hawaii

Parker, Robert B. - Hush Money - VG Always reliable- great with dialogue

Rankin, Ian - Dead SoulS - G Too short! Rankin too good to read as a

Shreve, Anita - The Pilot's Wife - G Oprah choice-plane crash, 2nd wife, transport for IRA, know someone?

Stabenow, Dana - Hunter's Moon - Ex 1999 Top Ten - killed Jack Morgan-well done but hated it!

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