I'm currently in that pacing, excited mode--that sitting at the airport, waiting for the plane mode, becaue it's now less that two weeks before my new series HER ROYAL SPYNESS, is launched.

I have high hopes and at the same time I'm trying to stop myself from expecting too much. The book has already had some fabulous reviews, but will mystery fans buy it and will they love it?
It doesn't matter how many books I have written, I'm still totally insecure when it comes to my next project. And of course so many things are out of my hands: will it be reviewed in the NYT, USA Today or any of the places that actually make people go out and buy books.?

I'm set up to do royal tea parties in various places and now I'm beginning to panic about that. What if we plan a tea for 50 and only 5 show up, or worse still, the other way around? And I still haven't decided what to serve. Why did I breezily promise to bring teatime goodies with me? Eeek!

Anyway, my schedule is on my website and I hope to see some friendly faces along the way. Please introduce yourself if you're a friend from Crimespace.

Rhys Bowen

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