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Royally Flushed with Excitement

Celebrate with me: my third Royal spyness mystery, featuring Lady Georgiana, 34th in line to the throne but penniless, will be in stores tomrorow, July 7th. I'm setting out on a crazy tour schedule. Please check my website, www.rhysbowen.com and click on Rhys on the Road. I love seeing friendly faces when I'm on the road!

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Happy Holidays

At this season I'd like to send out best wishes to all my friends in Mysterydom.

It's been a great year for me. My new book, Her Royal Spyness, seems to have taken off and I've acquired a lot of new fans. The second book is already written and due out next summer. It's called A Royal Pain--even funnier, I hope.

And a new Molly book is due out in March. Called Tell me Pretty Maiden. All about the New York theater.

So I wish everyone a happy, healthy, successful new year…


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Alaska, here I come

I'm off to Alaska in the morning--heading for Bouchercon and looking forward to meeting old friends and making new ones.

The great thing about the mystery world is the friendships I have made. I would not have believed, when I wrote my first mystery 11 years ago that I would have a circle of wonderful friends who are important in my life. Any of you who have not been to a mystery convention, I really recommend trying one--they are all over the place and at various times of year. We…


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Europe, the good, the bad and the very ugly

I got home last night after three weeks in Europe. I'm trying to put my impressions on paper and I realize that the bad still outweighs the good.

We flew into Frankfurt and took the train to Dresden. I'm glad we saw it--it is a completely recreated old city. You'd think the buildings had stood since the middle ages but actually most were faithfully rebuilt after WW2. Still, it was pleasant and we had the most fabulous duck and red cabbage.

Then on to Prague, which to me was a…


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Catching my breath

I'm finally home for a few days before a much needed trip to Europe.

The royal tea parties were such fun--cucumber sandwiches, fancy hats, the lot! And the stores threw themselves into the spirit of the thing so beautifully too. Linen cloths and good English china in one store, a cake made like my book cover in another, home made scones, home made sausange rolls and a catered tea from a fabulous tea room--these were some of the delights that treated me and my fans at each…


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Crazy week ahead

Starting Saturday is a week exactly the anthesis of the writer's solitary life:

Catch a plane at 6 a.m on Saturday. Three events that day, culminating with one of my royal tea parties at the Mystery Bookstore, LA.

Then drive to San Diego. Royal teaparty. Fly home.

Monday, fly to Denver.

Tuesday two early morning TV shows. Evening event.

Wednesday drive to Boulder, evening event.

Thurs fly to Salt Lake, evening event.

Friday fly to Portland,…


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Her Royal Spyness comes to reclaim the colonies!

Tomorrow feels like my birthday and wedding day all rolled into one.

My new series, called HER ROYAL SPYNESS, is finally in stores.

It's about the Royal Family in the 1930s and it's been pitched as

Bridget Jones meets Charade (as told by Nancy Mitford). Lots of fun and

satire about the British upper classes as well as being a good


I have such high hopes for this book. Everyone has been so excited

about it, so I'm trying… Continue

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Week of Excitement!

This is truly a big week for me.

Today my fellow Lady Killers and i kick off our month long virtual

vacation on our blog (www.theladykillers.typepad.com). We're inviting

famous people to take us to favorite places around the world. That way

we don't have to leave home or go through security lines!

And on Tuesday July 3, my new pride and joy, HER ROYAL SPYNESS is on sale in the stores.

My first royal tea party to celebrate the launch takes place… Continue

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Launch Day draws near!

I'm currently in that pacing, excited mode--that sitting at the

airport, waiting for the plane mode, becaue it's now less that two

weeks before my new series HER ROYAL SPYNESS, is launched.

I have high hopes and at the same time I'm trying to stop myself from

expecting too much. The book has already had some fabulous

reviews, but will mystery fans buy it and will they love it?

It doesn't matter how many books I have written, I'm still totally

insecure… Continue

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Your favorite places on earth--help needed

My blogmates and I at The Lady Killers (www.theladykillers.typepad.com) started a list of our favorite places, either because they inspired a good mystery or because they helped us to relax enough to free our brains for future creativity, or just because they were so fabulous!

If anyone would like to share his or her favorite place with me, we'll post them in a special feature we're doing this summer called virtual…


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Joining Crimespace

Just what I needed: yet another place to blog!

My days are becoming so full of various on-line duties that I'll end up

with no time left to write. But I have to admit thta blogging is fun

and it's a great way to let off steam after life's little annoyances,

like my airline flight last week (see my blog at


Yes, I already have a regular blogging gig with some writer friends.

We're called The Ladykillers and you can find us… Continue

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