Her Royal Spyness comes to reclaim the colonies!

Tomorrow feels like my birthday and wedding day all rolled into one.
My new series, called HER ROYAL SPYNESS, is finally in stores.
It's about the Royal Family in the 1930s and it's been pitched as Bridget Jones meets Charade (as told by Nancy Mitford). Lots of fun and satire about the British upper classes as well as being a good whodunnit.

I have such high hopes for this book. Everyone has been so excited about it, so I'm trying not to raise my expectations too high and thus be disappointed.
I had a sneak preview when the book was available at Book Passage mystery writers conference over the weekend and lots of people bought it and laughed out loud.
It is always worrying with a funny book that other people won't laugh at the things I find funny.

Anyway, it's out of my hands. I'll be touring the western US holding a series of Royal Teas. Check my schedule on my website, www.rhysbowen.com

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Comment by Rhys Bowen on July 3, 2007 at 6:55am
I probably won't be back in Pittsburgh before next year's Festival of Mystery in May.
This summer I'm touring in the West, where I don't have to worry about thunderstorms and hurricanes--just heat and wildfires

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