No, I'm not 98 -- since several people commented on my profile age, I decided to put in my real one (49 next month).

The artwork on my profile was done a few years ago as a logo for me. I liked it so much I commissioned artist Erica Well to create covers for my books in the same style. She did a wonderful job~ I'll get them loaded on to this computer and post them on the site soon. She also did the cover for my non-fiction book!

Our rescue dogs are Garth - a basset/beagle mix, and Destiny - a beagle mix. We got Pete from a silent auction to benefit adult literacy (that's the LAST time the little guy was silent).

I've been trying to motivate myself to write for several months. I have a partial manuscript that I just can't seem to complete. I'm sitting here doing this instead of writing... How do you people do both?

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