An off-duty sheriff's deputy went on a shooting rampage early Sunday at a home where seven young people had gathered for pizza and movies, killing six and critically injuring the other before authorities fatally shot him, officials said.

It's things like this happening that make me shake my head in utter disbelief. Incidents such as this do nothing to strengthen the publics view of law enforcement officers. It only provokes further doubt and uncertainty. This young deputy is in the minority however, it's not common (not even sure that's the word I'm looking for here) for a cop to go on a felony rampage like this. Although, if we were to consider the stress and conditions a lot of officers are put under each and everyday, it's not necessarily surprising that one might go out of his mind and do things he wouldn't normally do. It takes a lot of physical, mental and emotional strength to be a cop.

To get back to this current situation, I am interested in finding out more about what drove this young cop to murder. Yes, it was jealousy, but was it solely jealousy that brought him to the brink? Or, was there more to this incident?

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