Y'know, I'd almost forgotten I had a profile on here. My internet presence leaves much to be desired. Or not desired, depending.

Anyways, yeah, crime. Crime's rad. Except when my car gets stolen. Or the passenger's side door lock busted in. Or when my roommate's checks get boosted from our mailbox. But even then, I at least get an opportunity to use the word "paper-hanger."

Been reading Joshua Armstrong's The Seekers. It's pretty good. I could do without some of the blowhard-y philosophy, but that's just me. The guy still makes Dog the Bounty Hunter look like a mullet-headed douche (here's where you say, "Well, Dog the Bounty Hunter makes Dog the Bounty Hunter look like a mullet-headed douche." Then we chuckle smugly). Anyways, it sucks that I couldn't find a decent book on bounty hunting in any local library, but God bless that E-bay. I found this book and Bob Burton's excellent Bounty Hunting on there for less than the gas money it would take me to drive down the street to the library if they'd had it anyway. Blah, I'm rambling.

I'm reading up on this stuff, in case you're interested (you're not), as research for the comic my other roommate and I are working on, The Nine Lives of Panther McDaniels. Truck Turner is one of my favorite movies, and serious blaxploitation comics (as opposed to stuff like Super Bad James Dynomite) seem to be lacking. Although if somebody can point me to a counter-example of that, I'll buy you a beer.

My writing output ain't what it used to be these days, and what it used to be wasn't much to begin with. I entered that Court TV contest the other day, though who's to say it'll lead anywhere. It's something to do, y'know, better than a kick in the face. You can read my entry here (or at least, I hope you can): http://www.gather.com/viewArticle.jsp?articleId=281474977171713

I'm always wary about stuff like this, ever since I lost that one writing contest in the 5th grade (I'll tell you that story later, if you want). In the meantime, I'll try and keep up with the ol' crimespace a bit more. I've been far too old for myspace for a while. Ta.

ADDENDUM: I tried that link after I posted and it says "article unavailable." Maybe once the actual contest starts on Thursday, then you can see it. I'll let you know.

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