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My poor, neglected CrimeSpace...

I feel just terrible. If you were my children, the DCFS would have hauled you all away by now, and with good reason.

First things last:

The lovely Patti Abbott recently tossed down the gauntlet to write a flash-fiction incorporating that smash hit by The Eurythmics, "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)." Here is my entry, hosted at Powder Burn Flash by the virile Aldo Calcagno: "Everybody's Looking for Elisa…


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When the Whistle Blows

The brand new Crime Factory is up, y'all. Josh Converse, Patti Abbott, Chad Eagleton, and yours truly.

Crime Factory

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A Hundred Gozinta

As part of the festivities at A Twist of Noir for reaching 400(!) stories, we have two more entries in my own Divisible-by-a-Hundred series:

Three Hundred

Four Hundred

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Busy week.

So, kicking off the week in style, Dan O'Shea's flash fiction challenge hit the interwebs like a shotgun full of rock salt. The challenge was to write a flash-fiction that took place in some sort of place of worship. All comers brought all kinds of evil, and you can check out the whole God-damned rundown right here. Christopher Grant was kind enough to host my entry, entitled…


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This is what happens

when one goes to a nudie bar the same week one re-reads The Road.

Night Train to Mundo Fine

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I got kicked outta Sam's Club

Hey, read my story here along with five others in the "WalMart, I Love You" flash-fiction challenge, including that of my good buddy, Garnett Elliott.

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This is what should happen

if somebody doesn't respect Chuck Jones.

Baby, Cartoons Are On

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Bringing up the rear

So, the good news is I placed third in Eric Beetner's FIST contest with my flash "Uncle Sal". The bad news is my prize of Eric's new novel, One Too Many Blows to the Head, co-written with JB Kohl, is still at the printers. I guess I'll just have to be patient. Anyways, in the meantime, please enjoy my story up now on Eric's blog.

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Two for the show.

Over at A Twist of Noir, I've got two stories up, and each one's title is also its word count. Keep your eyes peeled for the aptly-titled follow-ups.

One Hundred
Two Hundred

Sex and violence to you all,

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Two down, one to go.

I'm not a very goal-oriented guy, if you can believe that. But when it comes to today's crime fiction scene, to me, there's a Holy Trinity to shoot for: Out of the Gutter, Plots with Guns, and Thuglit. Well, I've gotten into Plots with Guns twice now, and today we can cross another one off the to-do list. Yes, my story "Your Own Saturday Night" is now live in the current issue of Thuglit, appearing alongside good… Continue

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Often late, and hardly worth the wait.

As usual, I've been negelcting this personal little corner of the internets, and so have forgotten to tell you darlings about the story I recently had up at Thrillers, Killers 'n' Chillers. It's a little love letter to blaxploitation I wrote a couple summers back. For a while, I began developing it as a comic book series, but as so often happens, that died on the vine. But this little seed is now up for your enjoyment. Take a gander and witness just how… Continue

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If You Died Today, Who Would Take Care of Your Family?

My very first flash over at A Twist of Noir is now a short film, ready to watch right here. And when I say "short," I'm not kidding.

Seriously, guys, I'm really pleased with how this came out. I've already begun work on the follow up. Fuck Hollywood, we're making our own.

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A new flash (and I don't mean Wally West).

Dig my new flash-fiction up at A Twist of Noir. It feels good.

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How the new Plots with (Ray) Guns breaks down:

Kyle Minor's "Ill Nature" will either make you sick or make you cry or both.

Fred Zackel’s “Creepier than a Whorehouse Kiss” will either make you think Asimov was a giant pussy or make you never use an ATM again or both.

Cameron Ashley's "Nadia-Verdinique's Saturday Night Superlative" will either make you horny or not ever again horny or both.

Yours truly's "Nailed Up with Fudgsicles" will either make you something or some other thing or… Continue

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Another flash in the pan.

And by "pan," I mean A Twist of Noir. So dig it.

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30 seconds of your life.

I inexplicably have two (count 'em!) flash-fictions going live today. First, we have this little ditty at A Twist of Noir. Extra special thanks to Paul Brazill for giving me the correct submission e-mail, or this one mighta been lost to the ages. Then you can whip on over to The Flash Fiction Offensive, and check that one out. All new,… Continue

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Flash bang.

Y'know what, Internet? I'm gonna take back some of the things I've said about you.

In this, the Information Age, we are inundated with factoids, trivia, and all other sorts of communique, but mostly to the same degree that you'd get from watching the TV Guide channel 24 hours a day. Obvious niches of sweetness and light--Plots with Guns, ThugLit, et al--are great, but it's really easy to dry your eyeballs out reading entire short stories on-line (not to bite any hands… Continue

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The Truth is Enia.

So it's not crime-y at all, but a story I writ up got published here: http://www.truthenia.com/
I'll be back probably when I publish something else. So don't hold your breath.

Oh, and I got my own web-blog thing that the kids seem to like, all about comic books and their goodness: attentionchildren.blogspot.com


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Plots with Guns is up, son!

Yes, it's true. Go to Plotswithguns.com right now to read a story by me and other, more talented (if slightly less sexually attractive) writers, and then tell a friend.

And then somebody give PayPal a neck so I can wring it.

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Honorable mention, motherfucker!

Ha ha! I'd like to thank my good, good friend, Ray Nessly, for giving me much needed revisions, and also The Dwarves, for being the greatest band ever.

Honorable mention!

(I spell it without a "u" because I'm a bleedin' yank.)

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