How the new Plots with (Ray) Guns breaks down:

Kyle Minor's "Ill Nature" will either make you sick or make you cry or both.

Fred Zackel’s “Creepier than a Whorehouse Kiss” will either make you think Asimov was a giant pussy or make you never use an ATM again or both.

Cameron Ashley's "Nadia-Verdinique's Saturday Night Superlative" will either make you horny or not ever again horny or both.

Yours truly's "Nailed Up with Fudgsicles" will either make you something or some other thing or both.

Pinckney Benedict’s “Go Killer Go! Run Killer Run!” will either make you giggle like you did when you read your first issue of The Uncanny X-Men or make you not be able to wait for the 26th century to get here or both.

Garnett Elliott’s “Strontium Dreams” will either make you want to go outside and play or make you fully stock your fall-out shelter or both.

Richie Narvaez’s “Rough Night in Toronto” will either make you want to watch the second Lee Marvin episode of The Twilight Zone or make you not feel so inadequate about the dude your ex-girlfriend is going out with now or both.

Keiran Shea’s “Koko Takes a Holiday” will make you get the Dead Kennedys stuck in your head for the rest of the day or will make you re-think your vacation to Southeast Asia or both.

See for yourself at Plots with Ray Guns.

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