Le Figaro
Wednesday, 14th of June 1971

Dancer from The Crazy Horse Cabaret Found Shot to Death
Early Saturday morning, about four a.m., the body of
a young woman was discovered by police officer Jacque
Prevot on Avenue Victor Hugo, while on his nightly patrol
duty. She’d been shot once in the head and was found on
the pavement next to her car.
The police identified the woman as the twenty-four year
old dancer-performer, Mlle Ricky Bower. Formerly from
Medellin, Columbia, she has been residing in an apartment
on Avenue Victor Hugo for the past year.
The motive for the murder is presently unknown. Her
handbag contained all her documents and five thousand
francs in cash, as well as the keys to her 1971 red Porsche
Carrera. The possibility of a mugging has been eliminated.
None of her relatives are known to reside in France. She
had no known male friends. Her latest employment
contract was with the famed Crazy Horse cabaret.
The management of the cabaret spoke highly of her talents
and beauty. They agreed that this is a great loss for the
Paris nightlife scene. According to her co-workers, Mlle
Bower was well liked by patrons and employees alike, and
she was extremely popular among the cabaret clientele.
For the present, Mlle Bower’s murder remains a mystery.
All information regarding Mlle Bower should be directed
to the Police Headquarters, 36 Quai des Orfèvres.




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