Alive in the Rose City (Dean Drake Mysteries Book 2) by R. Barri Flowers

From award-winning literary criminologist and bestselling crime novelist R. Barri Flowers, author of the acclaimed Dean Drake hard-boiled mystery Dead in the Rose City, comes the much-anticipated sequel, Alive in the Rose City (Dean Drake Mysteries Book 2).

Dean Jeremy Drake, a six-five, biracial private eye, nicknamed D.J., is once again up to his neck in danger, deception, and murder as he works three cases in Portland, Oregon, in the mid-1990s.

The former Police Bureau homicide detective reluctantly agrees to be the bodyguard for a gorgeous lady named Bailey Carlyle, who claims to be on the run from her abusive boyfriend. When the boyfriend turns up dead and is identified as running a high-end call girl operation, the authorities point the finger at Bailey as a leading suspect in his murder, labeling her a jealous and vindictive prostitute. As he is seemingly her alibi, Drake works to prove Bailey’s innocence or guilt, possibly to his own detriment.

He also looks into the alleged suicide of former gang member, Liam Henriquez, on behalf of his grief-stricken grandmother, who insists he would never have taken his own life. The police think otherwise, attributing the death to either depression or issues related to his old life.

Lastly, Drake searches for a missing college student, Olivia McNamara, who is presumed dead by the police after disappearing without a trace months ago. Only her mother and stepfather believe she is still alive and hire Drake to try and prove it.

Packing a .40 caliber Glock, along with sharp detective skills, raw nerve, and gut instincts, Drake follows the clues wherever they may lead with a never-quit attitude, in spite of the obstacles and peril that he faces the closer he gets to solving the cases.

For fans of Dead in the Rose City, PI Dean Drake will be equally entertaining and in character in Alive in the Rose City.

Bonus material includes a complete mystery thriller short story, “The Wrong End of a Gun,” by R. Barri Flowers, and excerpts from the author’s bestselling mystery and thriller novels, Dead in the Rose City, Dead in Kihei, Deadly Defense, Killer in the Woods, and Justice Served.

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