Digital Short Saturday S.W. Barger Meteor 97

Hey it is that time of the week again? This ride so far has been so much fun. The digital short search so far has amazing. The offerings are many and the choices are difficult to make. I have mentioned this in the
past but I am going to have to say it again; I don’t have a Kindle or Nook yet.
If someone wants to send me one, thanks I appreciate it. So how am I reading
these digital shorts? I have been doing it on my laptop, but I could do it just
as easily on my Verizon Droid cellphone, it totally amazes me. I love the way I
can vary the color, the type and the spacing I am reading. This is so much fun
I wish I had gotten on this sooner.

Meteor 97 is a really nice detective story; it’s full of action, and intrigue. Jack Carlyle is the main character S.W. Barger uses to drive the story and his narrative and plotline are both imaginative and
creative. I felt like I just got hold of an m80. The story length is 6890 words
and they are explosive. Barger’s ability to detail his surroundings made me
feel like I was on the Amtrak train with Carlyle as he was stalking his prey.
He takes the hard-boiled detective story to another level.

Other digital shorts in the series are: Instrument Flight Rules & Creole Orientation. He has another series with a female character, Zoe Scarlatti that I will post on later today. The title of that digital short
is Girls Night Out. I enjoyed what S.W. Barger brings to the table with
Carlyle. I am going to enjoy reading the others in the series and I will put
those posts up in the future.

The digital short for me is an awesome addition to my reading pleasure. It helps break up the time spent on a full length novel, and delivers a loaded, explosive punch of action as the authors know they have us
for a shorter period of time. I like the condensed form and its results. I
don’t know if this is for everybody, but for me, it has definitely help shake
up my reading and put a new light on things for me. I have tried to describe it
to my wife as buying one slice of pizza loaded with toppings versus getting a
whole plan pizza pie. What are your thoughts on it?

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tomorrow. Have a great day.

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