Digital Short Saturday The Night Walk Men Jason McIntyre

Here is the second digital short of the day, one that will make your mind expand in a total different direction than Bite This!. Before I get into that though, I just would like to offer up some background on this post’s
author Jason McIntyre: Born on the prairies, Jason McIntyre
eventually lived and worked on Vancouver Island where the vibrant characters
and vivid surroundings stayed with him and coalesced into what would become his
novel, On the Gathering Storm. Before
his time as an editor, writer and communications professional, he spent several
years as a graphic designer and commercial artist. On The Gathering Storm is his
first novel. Currently, Jason is hard at work on a follow-up novel series about
The Night Walk Men and a coming-of-age tale which will be told in a trilogy of

I am glad I got that out of the way. As far as On the Gathering Storm goes, I will be featuring that tomorrow as part of our Self Published Sunday. The digital short was nothing like I expected it to be. There is a mature content warning and I
was cringing, waiting for the part that was to come that I had to be over 18 to
read. I am not going to spoil that part for you, nor will I try to spoil any
other part of the story for you. What I do want to say is this: the download
costs you nothing, but gives you a glimpse into Jason McIntyre’s style, his
prose, and his ability to craft and twist as he sees fit to take us on a
journey that we may have overlooked or chosen to turn a blind eye to. How and why?
Things happen in the world and we shake
our heads, The Night Walk Men decides that. Here is the brief description from
Smashwords: “A little girl named Gabriela is playing with her brother on a
train platform and two mysterious strangers will decide her fate over a cup of
tea. Is there such a thing as destiny? And, what is the value of doing your
job, even if you don’t think it’s right?”

I can honestly say I was riveted as I turned each virtual page. The digital short is 8845 words of suspense and deep thought. No one has ever accused me of being a deep thinker but I couldn’t pry myself from this. I
wanted to follow this to the end and find out what and why. Free things are not
supposed to be this good, and this thought provoking. Usually if you get
something for free, it gets quickly discarded; this story will follow you and
make you think a little bit. One cannot say that about much these days. Check
this out, all it will cost is some of your time. Then go to our post tomorrow
and give that a quick read and click the Amazon button for his full length
novel we will be featuring tomorrow, On
The Gathering Storm
. This artist, this author should be supported and read.
I will get down off the soap box till tomorrow, thanks.

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