"E. Merkel Tops Greece In Debt Total" (Author Debt, Of Course)

More indebtedness incurred by author Earl Merkel, rapidly becoming known as "the Greece of the Writing World"-- this from the lovely Lis Wiehl, who writes the "Triple Threat Club" mystery series when she's not doing legal analysis on television:

"If you're at loose ends waiting for Showtime's HOMELAND to return next fall FIRE OF THE PROPHET by Earl Merkel is your salvation. It's better.

"From chill-inducing scenes set in some of the most dangerous locales in the world, to the gripping narrative of the race to head off a nuclear terrorist attack in the nation’s capital, to thrilling and realistic deadline pressures inside television newsrooms and editing suites— FIRE OF THE PROPHET has it all, populated with characters drawn so real-life that you can almost see them sweat.

"Earl Merkel has it all in here. You won’t find a better 'summer read' than this book."

Lis Wiehl,
bestselling author of Waking Hours,
Face Of Betrayal, Hand Of Fate, Heart Of Ice,
and legal analyst for Fox News.


This --plus the exceptionally kind reviews just penned by author Robert Walker and Elisabeth Zguta, as well as the blurbs from author Shane Gericke and FBI undercover street agent Bob Hamer (both of which --their blurbs, as well as their names-in-a-heart-- I've been getting tattoo'd on my overly pale flesh)-- are making for a VERY nice Sunday.

*** Which I'll likely wreck when "The Book, With Earl Merkel" airs each Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on Authors On The Air Global Radio Network. (But hey-- I'm feelin' lucky at this moment...)

— Earl Merkel

* * * 

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