Late morning slid into afternoon and then evening as Cary sat beside Preston’s bed waiting for him to wake. Every time he’d ask Tabitha when that would happen she’d reply, “When he’s ready and not before,” which did nothing to relieve his impatience.

As night fell Cary stood and stretched, going to the window to look out over the city, rapping his fingers on the pane until Tabitha told him in no uncertain terms that if he didn’t stop she was going to kick him out. He was about to reply when the door to the room opened and a nurse stuck her head in.

“There’s a very upset man in the waiting room asking for Mr. Fielding,” she told Tabitha. “He wasn’t happy when I told him he couldn’t come down here.”

“Oh boy, Hugh I bet. Just what I need right now.”

Tabitha smiled as she took his arm. “Come on; let’s go see if we can calm him down.”

As they entered the waiting room Hugh strode over to stand in front of Cary, scowling deeply. “You were supposed to be home hours ago. Do you know how worried I’ve been?”

“I left you a text.”

Hugh snorted. “Yeah, last night, and you never answered when I called you back.”

Cary checked his cell and sighed. “Sorry. I never got a chance to recharge it.”

“That’s just like you. If it wasn’t for me reminding you to…” He shook his head. “We’re going home. Now.”

“No we’re not. You can if you want but I’m staying here until Pres wakes up.”

“Which should be soon,” Tabitha said. “So just rein it in Hugh.” She chuckled. “I’m presuming you’re Hugh. I’m Tabitha, Preston and Cary’s friend.”

“Who the hell else would I be?” Hugh replied as he finally took notice of her. “You’re the one that was with Preston when he got shot.”

“I am, and a damned good thing I was or he’d probably be dead.”

It took Cary a second to realize what Hugh had just said. He went cold all over as he asked with deathly quiet, “How did you know she was there?”

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