“I saw her name in the paper.”

“No Hugh, there was nothing in the paper about the shooting other than a small item saying an unidentified man had been attacked in the park.” Cary took a step back, staring at him.

“You’re right, I saw that and…and remembered she was the one who called you last night to tell you about it. I just assumed she’d been with him.”

“Hugh, I never mentioned who it was who called. I told you a friend of mine had been hurt was all and asked the caller which hospital he was at.”

“Which is why I finally called around to find out which one they’d taken him to so I could come and drag you back home. The bastard doesn’t need you here, he’s got her.” He pointed disdainfully at Tabitha.

“Oh Hugh,” Cary said sadly, fighting the rage that was building. “Why?”

“Why do I want you at home? Because that’s where you belong.”

“No. Why did you try to kill him? And,” he said, suddenly knowing the whole truth, “why did you attack him the first time?”

“You’re out of your ever loving mind Cary! I’d never do something like that. How can you even think it?”

Cary turned away to rein in his anger before he shouted at Hugh, or worse hit him. “Tabitha, call security please, and have them get to police here,” he said icily.

Hugh grabbed Cary’s arm, swinging him around to face him. “It’s always him before me isn’t it Cary? It always has been and it always will be.”

“No Hugh, it wasn’t,” Cary’s voice was stony as he resisted fighting Hugh’s grip. “He was a friend, you were my lover. And it would have stayed that way if you hadn’t hurt him.”

Hugh nodded slowly, his eyes glistening with unshed tears. “Now you love him, not me.”

“I do. I didn’t truly realize that until this morning but yes, I do.”

“So all this was for nothing. I destroyed his beauty so he’d disgust you and you still went to him.”

Cary sighed deeply, knowing that Hugh would never understand. “His beauty wasn’t in his face. It’s in his heart and soul; and that neither you nor anyone else can take away.”

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