The Author Directory - for published crime fiction authors ONLY

The author directory has been running for about a month now. For the most part it's been great, but I already see a number of bogus or disingenuous entries or entries that are a plain mistake.

Let me be clear about this: the author directory is for published crime fiction (mystery/thriller/noir/hardboiled/cozy/etc) authors only. Not fantasy, romance or horror authors. It's not for publishers or illustrators or editors either. While Crimespace is not a true crime network specifically, a number of these books are of interest to members of this community, so I have no problem with that. Some authors may write cross-genre as well and I also have no problem with this (I'm a big fan of horror/crime concoctions myself).

The point of the directory is to help readers find new crime fiction authors. And I want to keep it that way.

Some of you have been a little confused by the 'Author Profile' section when you joined up. I've noticed this especially with readers that thought it was a section to put their favourite authors in. That's why I added the text 'for published crime fiction authors only'.

Right now, the author directory works on trust. I trust that when a member fills it out, that they are genuine. I did it this way because it was the simplest way for me to implement it.

Until I add a function for administrators to remove members from the author directory, I'm asking those of you who have read this and realise you shouldn't be on the directory, to remove yourselves from it.

To do this, go to the About Me section in your profile and clear that text under the 'Author Profile' section. Just select it all, hit delete, then click on Save. Your profile will then be immediately removed from the directory.

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Well done Daniel! I just had another look at it today and boy do we have a lot of authors. Great to be able to find who they are and what they have published easily though. Thank you so much for doing this.
Harley L. Sachs, is the author of four cozy mysteries that are crime stories, plus Ben Zakkai's Coffin, a mystery that is too sexy to be "cozy." Does this count as "crime" or are you looking for true crime stories, books that examine a real case? I also have a thriller, "Scratch--out!" about a terroist attack using junk mail. That's criminal, too, but is a thriller, a somewhat different category. Check out my web site with the link to the catalog for blurbs.
Your stuff is perfect for the directory, Harvey. Add yourself in if you haven't already.
Thanks. I don't know where the discussions willl lead. there are all sorts of directions from how to plot, how to deal with publishers, how to market, etc.
For years I've tried selling audiobooks I recorded myself in the studios of Oregon Public Boradcasting where they were broadcast for the blind but only recently finally made some progress with Unfortunately I am not a technician and only one of the dozen books has made it to their list sofar, "Ben Zakkai's Coffin," a mystery with a couple of appropriate sex scenes. Writing it was fun, but selling it is another mystery.

I think someone should write a crime story about Rentathug that goes after world wide pirates of our books.


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