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For those of you looking to join CrimeSpace, the requirements are simple: You need to have a genuine interest in crime fiction. While there are a number of authors on the site, the main focus of CrimeSpace is not promotion. It's community.

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Stephen John Brown posted photos
2 hours ago
Susan replied to David DeLee's discussion HOUSE OF CARDS
"I'm coming in late to this discussion, just discovered Cards on Netflix. Must say I am addicted to it, not quite finished with Season 3 yet. As a writer, I can only admire the constant tension driven plot. Things always go from bad to worse.…"
2 hours ago
Susan replied to Cammy May Hunnicutt's discussion Anybody read any of these?
"Hi Craig ... agree that he is great at descriptions. Also at the psychological hangups that drive characters. Since I wrote that post above, I have actually met him. He was a mystery novel panelist at the Tennessee Williams Writer's conference…"
2 hours ago
Craig Pickering replied to Cammy May Hunnicutt's discussion Anybody read any of these?
"Just read 'The good German' after finding it in a remainder bookshop and I enjoyed it so much I thought I'd revive this thread. Susan (July 16 2012) is absolutely right. It's a tremendous depiction of Berlin in the summer of…"
14 hours ago


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Please read the information on Promotion. Note that the forum is for discussion only, not for blatant self promotion (BSP). Appropriate announcements can be made in the Events forum or your member blog.


Shane Gericke

If you know Shane, or even if you don't, please pass along your condolences to him and his family on the passing of his beloved wife, Jerrle. She had been battling metastatic breast cancer  since last October, and she left the hospital Aug. 20 to…Continue

Started by Juli schatz in The Main Bar yesterday.

Donation Goal Achieved! 1 Reply

Thanks to everyone for their kind contributions, the goal of $USD239 has been achieved.Back to your regular Crimespacing!Cheers,DanielContinue

Started by Daniel Hatadi in CrimeSpace News. Last reply by Randall White yesterday.

2015 Ned Kelly Winners - Australian Crime Writers Association

The winners were announced last Saturday night.Best First Crime:  Quota, Jock Serong (Text Publishing)Best True Crime:This House of Grief, Helen Garner (Text Publishing)Best Crime:Eden, Candice Fox (Random House)Continue

Tags: Crime, Writers, Association, Australia, Awards

Started by Karen from AustCrime in The Main Bar Aug 24.

As Far As I Recall 1 Reply

Hi All,Being a criminal defense lawyer for nearly forty years in Sweden, I have met many peculiar and wonderful types during my active life. Now I am retired and trying to recall the most significant cases during my career and put them in a book.The…Continue

Started by Carl J Tengstrom in Writer's Den. Last reply by John Baird Rogers Aug 23.

James Ellroy Frustration

Sorry, I haven't been around here enough to know if this will be (1) a worn out subject, or (2) of interest. Nevertheless:Are there any other frustrated James Ellroy fans out there? If so, what are your thoughts? What consolation or advice can you…Continue

Started by James Buckley in Reading Room Aug 22.

Annual Call For Donations 2 Replies

Hey folks,As you may be aware, Ning.com, the company who provides the servers and service for Crimespace to run on, charge an annual fee.The fee is $USD 239.90, and although I do receive donations at times, I'm well short of that target this year.…Continue

Started by Daniel Hatadi in CrimeSpace News. Last reply by Daniel Hatadi Aug 24.

Is it necessary to 'like' your characters? 1 Reply

I write crime fiction/noir, and since those genres generally involve lawbreakers in some form or another, suffice to say, there are 'bad' guys in my stories.  The way I look at it though, is with a realistic point of view.  Some 'good' people have…Continue

Tags: noir, creation, character, fiction, crime

Started by J. F. Juzwik in Writer's Den. Last reply by NIna Mansfield Aug 22.

Private Investigator or police force? 15 Replies

I am a first time unpublished novelist. I am looking for info on police procedures in the novel I'm currently working on. To try and keep it as short as possible, my protagonist finds out his brother goes missing. They both live in Canada and it is…Continue

Started by Mark B. Plimley in Writer's Den. Last reply by Mark B. Plimley Aug 23.

Your views wanted please 17 Replies

Hi – as a crime fiction fan can I ask you:Q1 – how do you find new crime writers to read?Q2 – what leads you to try a crime writer for the first time?My 'agenda' is simple, I’m an indie crime writer (…Continue

Started by Iain Parke in The Main Bar. Last reply by Iain Parke Aug 1.

Looking for crime and mystery writers 3 Replies

Past Midnight Publishing is looking to expand its catalog. This is not a vanity…Continue

Started by Matt Sanborn in The Main Bar. Last reply by Dan L. Coleman Aug 24.

Blog Posts

Murder Becomes Manhattan

When does a murder become more than just a murder? Find out in Jeffrey Eaton's debut thriller, Murder Becomes Manhattan. Now on sale at murdermanhattan.com

"Eaton is a mystery reader’s dream." -- Amazon Vine™ Voice…


Posted by Randall White on September 1, 2015 at 1:18am

Hello all !!

Hope all of you are continuing to write and having much success.  Its been a while since I have posted here and I just wanted to re-connect with the forum.  Much has happened in the last couple of years- my third novel, Diplomatic Immunity, has been published and my fourth book is done and currently at the publisher undergoing edits.  I am over half done with my fifth book, Blood Debt, and am already planning my sixth.  My fourth book, Sin Eater, is a murder thriller with supernatural…


Posted by John Schembra on August 31, 2015 at 5:17pm

Review: "Uncle Dust" by Rob Pierce

Dustin, aka Dusty, tends to be a loner. At the same time he sort of wants a family. Not a 24 hour 7 day a week family, but a family he could use as sort of cover in between jobs. Teresa and her son Jeremy fit that bill.


The problem with inserting yourself into a family is that, if you are not very…


Posted by Kevin R. Tipple on August 31, 2015 at 11:30am

Review: "Bad Men" by Graham Powell

Bad Men by Graham Powell delivers the goods. The cover mentions the fact this collection is filled with “crime stories.” They definitely are crime stories. There are plenty of crimes, some mayhem, and a number of mysteries at work in these seven short stories. Short stories where people do what they do to survive and deal with the world as they see it.…


Posted by Kevin R. Tipple on August 31, 2015 at 3:51am

Free Short Story from the Alexander Steele Murder Mystery Series

The Deadly Gamble a free short story on my blog. 

Posted by Larry J on August 25, 2015 at 6:52am



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