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For those of you looking to join CrimeSpace, the requirements are simple: You need to have a genuine interest in crime fiction. While there are a number of authors on the site, the main focus of CrimeSpace is not promotion. It's community.

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Mark Roope replied to Gavin Woods's discussion Writing Virgin
"I too am writing my first book and I am now starting to come to the end of my first draft.  What I am beginning to realise is that this first draft is not so much the story I am going to finish with but more of a very detailed outline. I think…"
1 hour ago
Frank Zubek replied to Frank Zubek's discussion Anyone know a cop/detective I could contact for my book?
"Garry      Okay sounds good-- my email is frank.zubek@yahoo.com"
2 hours ago
Jed Power replied to Richard Krauss's discussion CreateSpace Production Quality
"I have ordered 1000's of books through CreateSpace. Out of those I have found only one copy that wasn't perfect. On that one, the printing was off center on a couple of pages. The packaging has always been outstanding and I have never had…"
4 hours ago
Garry L. McLaughlin posted a status
7 hours ago
Garry L. McLaughlin posted a photo
7 hours ago
Garry L. McLaughlin posted a status
7 hours ago
Garry L. McLaughlin replied to Frank Zubek's discussion Anyone know a cop/detective I could contact for my book?
"Hi Frank, I spent 10 years as full LEO and 12 years as an AUX. I will be glad to help you out all I can ... give me a shout Garry-"
8 hours ago
Richard Krauss shared Colman's blog post on Google +1
8 hours ago


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CreateSpace Production Quality 2 Replies

A friend of mine just mentioned a poorly trimmed and packaged copy of a book printed via CreateSpace. What has your experience been?Continue

Tags: quality, print, QA, POD, CreateSpace

Started by Richard Krauss in Schmooze Lounge. Last reply by Jed Power 4 hours ago.

The fine line 9 Replies

Sorry it's been awhile since my last post, life got in the way a bit, but here I am again so...In my previous post I spoke about something related to the point I want to make with this one. I last…Continue

Started by Rick Taylor in The Main Bar. Last reply by Dana King on Thursday.

We seem to have aquired a troll 4 Replies

I see a ton of posts from what appears to be a Nigerian scammer. Stephanie Assa. Interesting choice of venues, Stephanie. Did you think none of us would know anything about crime?Continue

Started by J. E. Seymour in The Main Bar. Last reply by Gavin Woods Oct 18.


Does anyone know of any English language crime novels set in Belgium since 1945 please?Continue

Started by Craig Pickering in The Main Bar. Last reply by Craig Pickering Oct 18.

New to the scene 4 Replies

I just joined Crimespace yesterday and so far I'm really enjoying what I see. I wish I had found this site a few years ago when I was working on my first novel. I hope to get an opportunity to…Continue

Started by Dewayne King in The Main Bar. Last reply by I. J. Parker Oct 16.

Writing Virgin 25 Replies

Hi everyone. I'm in the middle of writing my first Detective/Crime Novel. I'm up to just under 26,000 words. Does anyone have any useful hints or tips on putting your first novel together?Continue

Started by Gavin Woods in The Main Bar. Last reply by Mark Roope 1 hour ago.

Anyone know a cop/detective I could contact for my book? 5 Replies

Its been awhile since I've posted hereI'm looking for a cop or a detective ( male or female- not particular) who would be interested in helping me out with a few procedural details in the next two…Continue

Started by Frank Zubek in Writer's Den. Last reply by Frank Zubek 2 hours ago.

Free Criminal Minds course 3 Replies

Hey guys,I just came accross this free course called, Understanding the Origins of Crime,…Continue

Tags: course, writing, crime

Started by Tansy Bradshaw in The Main Bar. Last reply by Gavin Woods Oct 9.

Do you ever find it hard to stop writing? 4 Replies

There are times when ideas and direction come slowly but then there are others when you find yourself on a roll. It is like reading a good book when everything flows and you just don't want to stop,…Continue

Started by Mark Roope in The Main Bar. Last reply by Garry L. McLaughlin 8 hours ago.

New Lehane & Block Movies 2 Replies

Has anyone seen either "The Drop" based on a Dennis Lehane short story(he also wrote the screenplay)or "A Walk Amongst the Tombstones," the new film version of Larry Block's novel?After seeing both I…Continue

Started by Jed Power in The Main Bar. Last reply by Jed Power Sep 26.

Blog Posts


A short story set in a dystopian future where the surviving members of the human race have been forced to take refuge from hostile invaders within shield-protected cities.
In Aberdeen, oil is used as the fuel for the generators that…

Posted by Colman on October 25, 2014 at 5:47pm

Research Rejection, Part III

rejection 3 I posted the idea for this blog on Facebook wanting some comments and asking if other authors had experienced rejection. My thanks to David Schlosser and Bob Dunbar who responded with an example each. I can't make up this stuff so I'll let them tell their short stories in their own words:…


Posted by Stephen Brayton on October 25, 2014 at 3:59am

"Hoods, Hot Rods, and Hellcats" edited by Chad Eagleton

The title of Hoods, Hot Rods, and Hellcats says it all even before you get to the cover tag line of Drive Fast. Kill Young. Love A Pretty Girl. This anthology edited by Chad Eagleton certainly delivers on that premise. The image of the 50's depicted in Happy Days, American Graffiti, and others is quickly shattered by the introduction by Mick Farren. It sets a tone that is held up quite well by the eight authors involved in the…


Posted by Kevin R. Tipple on October 24, 2014 at 11:30pm

Review: "Windigo Island: A Novel" by William Kent Krueger

As legend has it there is a vengeful spirit named Michi Peshu, or Windigo. That terrible creature will call your name before it satiates its hunger for human flesh by first ripping your heart from your chest and then consuming it and the rest of your body. It is said to dwell in Lake Superior and the surrounding area, but to prefer Windigo Island over the surrounding area. It is that small island where late one night the body of a local Indian girl, Carrie Verga, arrives to terrorize three…


Posted by Kevin R. Tipple on October 24, 2014 at 11:15pm


Hats Off To Murder - A Novelette:
'A milliner must understand his client, capture their personality and crown them with it.'
Blake Hetherington is no ordinary Milliner. Fascinated by human nature, he is not…

Posted by Colman on October 24, 2014 at 5:42pm



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