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Richard Krauss replied to Richard Krauss's discussion Crime Digests/Magazines
"Great site! Thanks for the link!"
1 hour ago
Richard Krauss replied to Richard Krauss's discussion Crime Digests/Magazines
"Thanks Colman, appreciate your recommendations. The titles of these are all appealing!"
1 hour ago
J. E. Seymour replied to Richard Krauss's discussion Crime Digests/Magazines
"I actually just sent a submission to Thuglit, so I'm pretty sure they're still active.  Yellow Mama is a good site for reading, non-paying for stories, but a good market just the same.  http://blackpetalsks.tripod.com/yellowmama/"
2 hours ago
Colman replied to Richard Krauss's discussion Crime Digests/Magazines
"Crime Factory might merit checking out.  Not sure if Thug-Lit is still going or Plot With Guns, All Due Respect, Out of the Gutter another two I look in on occasionally"
2 hours ago
Colman replied to Tom Greer's discussion Tartan Noir
"William McIlvanney with his Laidlaw trilogy merits a place. Only read Laidlaw - the 1st one myself. I need to read the other two. Allan Guthire - Hard Men, Two-Way Split, plus others Tony Black - Gutted, plus others Plenty of other Scottish authors…"
2 hours ago
Colman replied to Tom Greer's discussion Best Cold War Novels List Started on Goodreads
"I'll vote on the list when I've read a few myself. Don't recognise who the dude is in no. 1 position! Haha"
2 hours ago
Colman replied to QualityBookReviews's discussion What are you currently reading?
"Just started RED GARDENIAS - JONATHAN LATIMER and also DOG BEACH by JOHN FUSCO. Roll on the weekend!"
2 hours ago
Colman posted a blog post


Synopsis/blurb………..The Red Right Hand - Joel Townsley Rogers With a new introduction by Martin Edwards There was a Little Man - Who Got Away But how? He killed St. Erme. But what did he do with St. Erme's right hand? St. Erme had a right hand, that much is indisputable. And it must be found. These are the two most…See More
2 hours ago


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Crime Digests/Magazines 10 Replies

Any regular or casual readers of Alfred Hitchcock or Ellery Queen? Any trouble finding them? Do you read them printed or digitally? Are digests still in decline or is there a market for others?Continue


Started by Richard Krauss in Reading Room. Last reply by Richard Krauss 1 hour ago.

Do you care about the author? 24 Replies

I'm wondering how important it is to you as a reader to know details about authors.  Do you care?  Author Anne Perry was convicted of murder as a teenager, does that make a difference in whether or…Continue

Started by J. E. Seymour in The Main Bar. Last reply by Dana King 14 hours ago.

philadelphia / US - Missing person database

Hi does anyone know what the database PPD use for missing persons persons is called? I also would like to know that system is used when checking on a larger scale the photo matches you see on TV that…Continue

Started by N J Kingsley in The Main Bar Jul 5.

Best Cold War Novels List Started on Goodreads 3 Replies

I've just started a "Best Cold War Novels" List at Goodreads.I know this is a crime fiction forum and I plan adding crime-related lists on Goodreads but many people here also may read spy fiction.If…Continue

Tags: Cold, War, espionage, spying, spy

Started by Tom Greer in The Main Bar. Last reply by Colman 2 hours ago.

Tartan Noir 1 Reply

Most people here, I assume, have heard of Ian Rankin of Rebus fame, but have any of you read any other Scottish crime writers?Tartan Noir is a form of crime fiction particular to Scotland and…Continue

Started by Tom Greer in The Main Bar. Last reply by Colman 2 hours ago.


From Youngblood Hawke, the '60s movie at least, starring James Franciscus, seems an appropriate word for the sea of offerings to the world by writers seeking recognition, much like a fish trying to…Continue

Started by Dan L. Coleman in The Main Bar Jul 3.

New York Voice 4 Replies

Hi there:My work in progress will include a POV character from the New York / New Jersey area (more New Jersey). I will be writing a close 3rd-person-limited POV and I want to bring as much…Continue

Started by James Buckley in Writer's Den. Last reply by James Buckley Jun 22.

Internet and Identity Theft 2 Replies

I have just finished reading and reviewing a book called 'Evil Shadows' and absolutely shocked by this true story.  I think in this day and age of internet use, everyone should be aware of the…Continue

Tags: mumswritings, readers, book

Started by Dee Owen in The Main Bar. Last reply by Dee Owen Jun 25.

Some advices 4 Replies

Hey! Here i am in a CrimeSpace, good to see you people. A few words about be, in my first post, maid be appropriate, but i will skip that. You will know what, and who i am, by knowing what i do. So i…Continue

Started by Vulkan Pavlov in Writer's Den. Last reply by Vulkan Pavlov Jun 17.

Research resources 5 Replies

My current project involves the murder of a hacker. Does anyone have any suggestions for research resources on hackers and/or hacking?Continue

Started by Michael Allan Scott in Writer's Den. Last reply by Michael Allan Scott Jun 17.

Blog Posts


The Red Right Hand - Joel Townsley Rogers
With a new introduction by Martin Edwards
There was a Little Man - Who Got Away
But how? He killed St.…

Posted by Colman on July 25, 2014 at 11:45pm

Scammed, Part I

Email-Scam Hello,

This message may be coming to you as a surprise but I need your help.Few days back we made an unannounced vacation trip to Kiev Ukraine.Everything was going fine until last night when we were mugged on our way back to the hotel.They Stole all our cash,credit cards and cellphone but thank God we still have our lives and passport.Another shocking is that the hotel manager has been…


Posted by Stephen Brayton on July 25, 2014 at 4:19pm



For sociology professor Amelia Emmet, violence was a research topic—until a student she’d never met shot her. He also shot himself. Now he’s dead and she’s stuck with a cane and one question she can’t let go: Why her? All she wants is for life to get back to normal. Better than normal,…


Posted by Colman on July 23, 2014 at 11:53pm

Sheriff Dan Rhodes is back in "Half In Love With Artful Death" by Bill Crider

Burt Collins is just one of those difficult folks that Sheriff Dan Rhodes has to deal with on a daily basis. Burt Collins has a very narrow view of the world and Rhodes has to listen to him complain and demand action. His latest issue is that he doesn't like the artists that have shown up all over Clearview, Texas. To hear Burt Collins talk those artists, who are in town for a workshop being taught by a couple of county residents, are an infestation that has to be removed before they ruin…


Posted by Kevin R. Tipple on July 23, 2014 at 2:30am

Review: "The Untreed Detectives" edited by J. Alan Hartman

After a short introduction to the book by, publisher J. Alan Hartman, it is on to the twelve short stories. Some are written by names you may recognize. Others by names that are unfamiliar to you. All authors involved have weaved a complex tale very worthy of their inclusion in The Untreed Detectives anthology released last year.


Kara L. Barney leads things off with “A Knife in the Dark.” This story is set in the time before Sherlock became legendary. Watson has…


Posted by Kevin R. Tipple on July 23, 2014 at 1:21am



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