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J. E. Seymour replied to Rick Taylor's discussion Crime and the everyday
"Right. Part of the reason I enjoy reading this sort of stuff is the psychology, understanding why they do what they do."
15 hours ago
Jed Power replied to Richard Krauss's discussion Where and why did you buy that book?
"That is only if you are self-published, I. J. You are technically allowing them to be the publisher. If you have started your own publishing company only that name will be on the book, just as they do for publishing companies that have been around…"
16 hours ago
Rick Taylor replied to Rick Taylor's discussion Crime and the everyday
"That's a fair and valid point :) and in some respects goes back to my initial enjoyment of this genre, to understand the mindset of these characters"
16 hours ago
I. J. Parker replied to Rick Taylor's discussion Crime and the everyday
"There are very few crimes where the perpetrator loses all humanity. But that's a far cry from excusing someone's actions.  In the end, I fall back on basic psychology. I want to know what made him or her do it. My judgement is based…"
17 hours ago
Rick Taylor replied to Rick Taylor's discussion Crime and the everyday
"And it's also that complication that keeps people interested, depending on how the author handles it they can keep a readers opinion ever evolving"
18 hours ago
I. J. Parker replied to Richard Krauss's discussion Where and why did you buy that book?
"Yes, but Createspace does put its own imprint on books."
19 hours ago
J. E. Seymour replied to Rick Taylor's discussion Crime and the everyday
"But that's complicated. Really complicated. I'm not talking about someone who doesn't understand their crimes, but someone who knows what he or she has done, and knows that it's wrong, but can justify it in his or her mind.…"
20 hours ago
Richard Krauss replied to Richard Krauss's discussion Where and why did you buy that book?
"Great advice."


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The Story behind the Story 4 Replies

My publisher gave me a challenge...and it sure was a daunting task!  Having transcribed to computer, searched and successfully published two of my deceased mother-in law’s books and several short…Continue

Started by Dee Owen in Schmooze Lounge. Last reply by Dee Owen yesterday.

Crime and the everyday 17 Replies

Crime is nothing new, it's been around since Eve first ate from the tree, that is if you're a Godly person and a believer. We see, hear and read about it everyday and are often disgusted and appalled…Continue

Started by Rick Taylor in The Main Bar. Last reply by J. E. Seymour 15 hours ago.

A little out there 5 Replies

Not sure if this is where I'm meant to post an introduction, but hey, I'm throwing it out here.So how are you doing?My name's Rick and I'm new to this whole forum scene so I apologize if this is a…Continue

Started by Rick Taylor in The Main Bar. Last reply by Dana King on Tuesday.


After a long absence, I am back in the writing game with my next book. For those who might wonder why, ask the corrupt US publisher who had me trapped in a three year contract and never paid any…Continue

Tags: james, fouche, africa, south, attack

Started by James Fouche in The Main Bar Aug 20.

Funeral in Berlin 1 Reply

Does anyone still read Len Deighton? I see Le Carre feted all over the place and now even authors such as Alan Furst but Deighton' spy novels seem to have gone out of fashion.Maybe it's because he…Continue

Started by Tom Greer in The Main Bar. Last reply by Martin Roy Hill Sep 12.

success story 1 Reply

Hi all,It's been ages since I've dropped in, but I wanted to extend my thanks to all you CS peeps for your participation in the successful publication of my novel NINE DAYS, which is coming out in…Continue

Started by minervaK in The Main Bar. Last reply by Dan L. Coleman Aug 25.

Where and why did you buy that book? 17 Replies

We can debate whether promotion, word-of-mouth or shopping makes the difference. But why not record what actually happened and over time discover the different ways we are connected to the books we…Continue

Tags: word-of-mouth, promotion, influences, behavior, buying

Started by Richard Krauss in Reading Room. Last reply by Jed Power 16 hours ago.

Crime Digests/Magazines 10 Replies

Any regular or casual readers of Alfred Hitchcock or Ellery Queen? Any trouble finding them? Do you read them printed or digitally? Are digests still in decline or is there a market for others?Continue


Started by Richard Krauss in Reading Room. Last reply by Richard Krauss Jul 26.

Do you care about the author? 25 Replies

I'm wondering how important it is to you as a reader to know details about authors.  Do you care?  Author Anne Perry was convicted of murder as a teenager, does that make a difference in whether or…Continue

Started by J. E. Seymour in The Main Bar. Last reply by Robin Richmond Jul 30.

philadelphia / US - Missing person database

Hi does anyone know what the database PPD use for missing persons persons is called? I also would like to know that system is used when checking on a larger scale the photo matches you see on TV that…Continue

Started by N J Kingsley in The Main Bar Jul 5.

Blog Posts

Fitness Writing, Part VI

Form I really enjoy the forms of the American Taekwondo Association. The white belt form has 18 moves and you work yourself up to 81 moves for the first degree black belt form. White belt starts with some very basic moves, punch, front and side kicks, low, high, and middle blocks, and a knifehand strike (karate chop). Each form thereafter introduces a new move or combination move with some extra turns, and so…


Posted by Stephen Brayton on September 19, 2014 at 5:58pm

Review: "Nasty" by Bret R. Wright

Private Detective Ignatius Jepson goes by the name of Nate. On the mean streets of Seattle he is known as “Nasty.” It is not a nickname he likes, but considering the way he earned it, that nickname isn’t going to be something he will ever get rid of easily. Things don’t come easy to Nate and the way his latest case arrives won’t be easy either.


 It was early in the morning a couple of hours before dawn and Nate was on a secluded beach contemplating the meaning of life. More…


Posted by Kevin R. Tipple on September 13, 2014 at 1:30am

Fitness Writing, Part V

biking My first bike was a 5-speed Schwinn. The gear shift was in the middle with a big black knob on the end. Banana-type seat. Later, I had a ten speed which I outgrew. In Oskaloosa, I had, for a short time, a three speed several decades old, complete with a headlight. Unfortunately, I kept it in the laundry room and someone stole it. Now I have a ten speed that is just a bit small for me, but it…


Posted by Stephen Brayton on September 13, 2014 at 12:03am

Hardboiled is No More

I've just had a story published in "Hardboiled."  Unfortunately it is their last issue after almost 25 years of publication.

Some great stories by some great writers, many of whom went on to be very successful authors.  Gary Lovisi did an outstanding job as editor/publisher through the years.

The magazine will be missed!

Posted by Jed Power on September 10, 2014 at 8:55am



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