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Chat here about whatever you like. Get drunk and have fun. If none of the other categories fits your topic, this is the place to be. View Discussions

Police crime novels 21 Replies

Started by Marian. Last reply by Katie Schnack on Monday.

So, What's Everyone Working On 36 Replies

Started by David DeLee. Last reply by Karyn J. Powers on Saturday.

Reading Room

Talk about current reads, ask for recommendations, run your fingers over all the books on the shelf and pick an oldie but a goodie. View Discussions

Short Crime Fiction 15 Replies

Started by Dale Kutzera. Last reply by J. E. Seymour on Friday.

Writer's Den

Discuss writing techniques and all that jazz. Pour yourself a brandy snifter and put on that smoking jacket. View Discussions

The Writing Process 17 Replies

Started by David DeLee. Last reply by Debbie Bennett yesterday.

Could Use Your Votes, Gang. 7 Replies

Started by MC - Tina. Last reply by MC - Tina Mar 24.

The Secret to Writing Faster 10 Replies

Started by Karen Dionne. Last reply by I. J. Parker Dec 18, 2013.

Box Office

Grab a big old bucket of popcorn, sit back in the tall, velvet chairs and chat away about your favourite flicks and shows, on big screen or small. View Discussions


Started by David DeLee. Last reply by David DeLee Mar 17.

Harry Bosch on TV 9 Replies

Started by David DeLee. Last reply by Stephen Seitz Mar 16.

Veronica Mars

Started by David DeLee Mar 12.

TV series based on books 47 Replies

Started by David DeLee. Last reply by Stephen Seitz Jan 16.

Schmooze Lounge

Talk about promotion, marketing and the business of writing while sipping Pina Coladas. View Discussions

OK To Use Real Business As a Location? 15 Replies

Started by Jed Power. Last reply by Jed Power Dec 11, 2013.

New Rule: 100 Free = 1 Sold 20 Replies

Started by Benjamin Sobieck. Last reply by Stephen Seitz Aug 23, 2013.

Needle Magazine

Started by Brian Hoffman Jul 23, 2013.

Though you all might enjoy this... 19 Replies

Started by minervaK. Last reply by Linton Robinson Jul 9, 2013.


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