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Review: "The Necessary Murder Of Nonie Blake: A Samuel Craddock Mystery" by Terry Shames

The Necessary Murder Of Nonie Blake is the latest in the Samuel Craddock Mystery Series by Terry Shames. As the title makes clear Nonie Blake had to die. Why and who did it are the main questions that drive much of this book from start to finish.


Winona Blake, or…


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New short story, "Heavy Duty", on CrimeWAV podcast.

"Heavy Duty" is my latest crime fiction short story, posted as an audio file on the podcast, CrimeWAV. Please listen to it at Thanks!

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Review: "SELENA" by Greg Barth

When you get a book released by All Due Respect Books you know that in all likelihood you will get one heck of a graphic crime filled read. Selena, the first installment of a three book series penned by Greg Barth, definitely meets the All Due Respect Books standard.  Not only is Selena book…


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Review: "Unhappy Endings: A Collection Of Three Flash Fiction Stories" by Judy Penz Sheluk

Unhappy Endings: A Collection Of Three Flash Fiction Stories by Judy Penz Sheluk is exactly what is advertised. These three stories are not light or happy reading. These three stories have pain in them that lingers long after the fourteen page read is finished. All three tales were previously…


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Review: "Double Switch" by T. T. Monday

Double Switch by T. T. Monday is the second book in the series featuring San Jose Bull Dogs Relief Pitcher, Johnny Adcock. He is well aware that he is far closer to the end of his career than the start as he moonlights as a non-paid private investigator to his fellow players. He’s helped more than one player out…


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Review: "The Combat Zone" by Jed Power

The Combat Zone by Jed Power takes readers back in time to the Harvard Square of the very early 70’s in Boston. A time when drugs and X-rated entertainment ruled the area, hippies are everywhere, and anti-war sentiment is strong. Cocaine is a wonder drug that can do no harm. As Malloy muses to…


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New story in Crime Factory 18

My story, "Flightless Bird" is out now in Crime Factory #18. Available in ebook and print. Get some

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Crime Factory 18

My story, "Flightless Bird" is out now in Crime Factory #18. Available in ebook and print. Get some.

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Reading List

summerreadinglist_istock_34481384_hires_983px One of the cool things about blogs is to ask a question at the end to entice comments. Well, I want to ask one at the beginning.

What are you reading right now?

Okay, don't be literal and say, “Dude, I'm reading your blog.”

I mean your reading list of books.

Are you like me and have several going at once?

Currently, I am reading:

- A book I'm recording for a friend. I read a chapter or two when I get the chance. I use Audacity to make the…


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Review of OFF THE GRID by C.J. Box

A Western crime thriller. At Murder Beach Mystery Reviews.

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Review: "Resume Speed" by Lawrence Block

Resume Speed by Lawrence Block is a quirky stand-alone novella. The stranger with little more than the clothes on his back gets off the bus in the small town of Cross Creek, Montana after seeing a help wanted sign in a local diner. He goes by the name Bill Thompson. He keeps to himself and slowly begins a quiet…


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Review: "The Ehrengraf Fandango" by Lawrence Block

The Ehrengraf Fandango is the twelfth short story featuring the lawyer Martian H. Ehrengraf. He has a small room at his home reserved for attorney-client meetings. The room is a bit reminiscent of such a room at a police station as both the table and the chairs are bolted to the floor. The surroundings lean…


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Review: "Gunfire Ridge: Bodie Kendrick Series Book 4" by Wayne D. Dundee

Gunfire Ridge is the fourth installment of the Bodie Kendrick Bounty Hunter Series. It opens with Kendrick in the company of a soiled dove in the town of Ford’s Bottom. The quiet is disturbed by the pounding on their room door, followed by threats, and very soon gunfire. When the lead stops flying and the dust has settled a bit town marshal, Cotton Mayhew, makes it clear that the bounty hunter has…


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Review: "A Knife In The Back: A Case for Professor Sally Good" by Bill Crider

A Knife In The Back: A Case for Professor Sally Good by Bill Crider is the second one in the series following Murder Is An Art.  Head of the English and Fine Arts of Hughes Community College located between Houston and Galveston, Dr. Sally Good she is still trying to live down her reputation for solving the recent murder case. Her plan is to focus on student essays and dealing with the daily various…


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Review: "Antler Dust" by Mark Stevens

Allison Coil came out to Colorado’s Flat Top wilderness to leave memories of death and destruction behind. Which is somewhat ironic since her new chosen profession was to be a hunting guide where she would routinely see death. The concept of death and what death means has become an almost constant companion while she seeks solace in the beautiful Colorado Mountains and the local area known as Ripplecreek. Hunting guides aren’t a rarity in the mountains but being a woman she stands out and…


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 Suspense Thriller. Something scary was living in the corner of Julia's room. At Amazon.…


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At twenty-one, Tallulah Park lives alone in a grimy bedsit. There’s a sink in her bedroom and a strange damp smell that means she wakes up wheezing. Then she gets the call that her father has had a heart attack. Years before, she was being tossed around her…

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New Novel !!1

Well, I've had my head down for over a year now. New hip and now my new novel - MEMPHIS BAR-B-KREWE is complete with a printing date of April 1, 2016 by Knox Vegas Publishing. I'm stoked!!!

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Glasgow hitman Frank MacLeod is approached by an old associate. A shady accountant for a rival criminal organisation, Eric Holly wants Frank to arrange a meeting with his own boss Peter Jamieson. In return for Jamieson's protection - for both him…

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GUEST POST: Understanding Mitochondrial DNA with D.P. Lyle


I’m absolutely delighted to have D.P. Lyle on my blog today! He’s an amazing writer, doctor, and forensic expert. I had the honor and opportunity to serve with him on a panel at Bouchercon 2014 to talk about forensics and the real CSI. I highly recommend that any writer, or anyone for that matter, who wants to incorporate anything about crime scene investigation and forensics into their stories to check out: Forensics for Dummies 2nd…


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