Looking to try a NEW author? I have FIVE debut novels that you should try.

Anyone who reads a lot knows that it is a real thrill to discover a brand new author!

With so many fabulous books out there, I can only imagine how daunting it must be to write a book for the first time and – then wait to see if you can get it published, and then wait to learn if anyone actually likes it.

Below, I’m listing five fabulous debut novels that really made an impression on me. I read a lot, and when I give a debut 5 stars I’m truly in awe of the writing. Quite a feat for a first time author.  These are all books that I’ve read within the past year with links to my reviews.

Seven Lies” by Elizabeth Kay

All in Her Head” by Nikki Smith

Dear Child” by Romy Hausmann

The Silence” by Susan Allott

The Downstairs Neighbor” by Helen Cooper

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