If I could design a perfect writing space it would be a large table with my computer on it, my microwave, a little refridgerator, the coffeepot, the TV within eye range and a master volume control so that I could turn down the volume and just nod whenever anyone is talking to me or anything is talking AT me while I'm trying to think. Yummy snacks would be on a shelf within reach and my chair would be supremely comfy. Every book I needed to consult would be at my fingertips and the drafts and papers I just finished would be in order so that I could find them immediately before the thought passed.

What is your perfect writing space?

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A slab of broken door spread across my lap, broken pencils, and nothing but old napkins and the backs of paper plates to write on. And my lucky coffee cup from Murder Ink, NY... filled with the dregs of a cold pot of grind. The more suffering, the better!

P.S. I wrote this on my laptop while nestled in my Homer Simpson ass groove on the living room couch.
Synchronicity...! I've just been pondering this exact question, because I can't seem to settle on one place to write (although I've managed to finish several drafts of my novel, so it's not as if I haven't been able to get anything done). I work variously in my home office, which is our second bedroom, on the desktop computer I'm using now; on my laptop on the sofa in the living room; on my laptop on the screened porch; on my laptop at various coffeehouses. None seem to be entirely satisfactory. I guess I've gotten the most work done here in the office on the desktop, but I'm easily distracted by the internet. On the sofa, I'm too likely to turn on the TV, at which point any kind of writing becomes impossible. The screened porch is pretty good as long as the weather cooperates, but I need a more comfortable chair out there. Coffeehouses are also fun, but I don't get much done there because they're too noisy.

I fantasize that the perfect place would be something like my office but higher up, with a view. I often crave having a high-up view to stare at while I work out some thought or other. A garret would be perfect.
The penthouse approach is my ideal, too, although it is a bit (make that a big bit) out of my budget. If it must have a view, I'll go with a tree fort, so long as it's waterproof and I can run an extension cord out.

Until that gets built, I'm much like you. I wander from this spot to the next. Sometimes it's the living room floor, others it's the dining room table. One thing is for certain: a laptop is a must. It can satisfy wanderlust and writer's itch at the same time.
Ocean Drive, South Beach, Miami, Florida. On the patio overlooking the ocean. Ocean Drive has a life of it's own, bumper to bumper traffic till 3:00 AM, the sound of the surf drifting in, between the pounding of the music and buzz of the crowd. An ocean of humanity passes between that vantage point and the ocean beyond.

I've been there. I can't afford to stay there.


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