Since the graphic novel is the hot new medium in publishing for all categories, I was just wondering if anybody was interested in breaking into it with their own thrillers or mysteries.

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God, I love that, Mark...and yes, definitely on the same wave-length.

FIrst Second is an Eisner Award-winning imprint of Roaring Book Press which in turn is under another company that owns several other major publishing houses. They've done some great and some very interesting stuff including some books written and illustrated by Eddie Campbell. Their website is here:
My brother and I have actually started self-publishing our first graphic novel. We're learning as we go, but overall it's been a pretty rewarding experience. The graphic novel industry really turns out some great stuff, as good as/better than many novels.
Cool cover, Nick!

Looks like an interesting seems to have a [i]Deadwood[/i] vibe. What's it about?

I see on your profile you prefer stuff with guns in 'em...I have to admit most of my work is sloppin' over with guns, too. Here's a page from the Death Hawk Graphic novel which illustrates that, in more ways than one.

Yeah, I have a vampire hard-boiled story I thought about for a graphic novel, but I can't seem to get my head around the rather stringent form. I can't reduce the action to panels, although the dialog might be easier.
I guess I'll just have to market it as a short story.
Hi, Ed

Yeah, there's no denying the "graphic narrative" is a different discipline than prose or even screen/teleplay. It can be tough but I always enjoy working with artitsts...good ones, that is. I've mostly been fortunate.
I do enjoy the graphic novel, although I admit to not reading very many. In particular I liked, loved, adored "Maus," because of it's obvious retelling of the holocaust, which I sometimes have the opportunity to teach. The last graphic novel I read was actually this past month, Ian Philip's, "The Rapture for Big Sinners: 66 + 6 Things to Do Before and Afteer the Righteous Lift Off."
Cruise this site:

I think you might find some pro artists willing to work on a 50/50 split could sweeten the pitch by asking one of those agents who liked your screenplay if they would rep it once the graphic novel was completed. That might get an artist's enthusiasm pumped up.
I assumed that it would be understood that you were looking for options...that's why you posted in this thread.

It would be up to you to bring the validity to "an agent said" in your pitch, inasmuch as you brought it up.

Obviously, if the agent and/or editor doesn't give you a commitment, then you wouldn't mention it to a potential collaborator.
You shouldn't have to pay anyone. You get paid when they adapt your work.
Yeah, ideally.

Unfortunately it's a new landscape out there in Traditional Publishin' Land. People are going to have to take the reins of their own projects and careers instead of waiting for some underpaid, overworked and very often unqualified editor to take care of them.
I have a screenplay that I am seeking an artist to create a few panels on spec to use as part of a sample and proposal to secure a publisher. Can anyone direct me to an artist who might be interested>
Check out this guy's work:


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