Since the graphic novel is the hot new medium in publishing for all categories, I was just wondering if anybody was interested in breaking into it with their own thrillers or mysteries.

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I would love to see my protag Bo Fexler in some sexy graphic novels. But I don't think crappy stick people make good graphic novels. ;-) My art is words, but it's definetely a project that's on the "If Only/ Someday" list.
I think a lot of people would like to see Bo Fexler in a graphic novel.......
Hello, Linton. You might want to try contacting the San Diego Cartoonist Club. Most of them are professionals, but there may be someone who is a newbie who is looking to team up with a writer. I think the bulk of cartoonists out there may be working on their own projects and not have time to work on a graphic novel for no guaranteed pay as it's quite a time commitment. You may have a better chance of doing a comic book as it involves far fewer pages.
Thanks for the great ideas. I understand about the time commitment, which is why I would want to do perhaps only fifty to a hundred panels as a sample. Then with the remaining text, treatment and a strong proposal, secure commitment for publication and perhaps an advance (perhaps not) before moving on. Als, i wouldn't object to a 50/50 split on the royalties. I think that's fair.

I'll have to follow up on some of these when I get a chance
Oh, long as I'm here...

Speaking of crime and graphic novels (or 'tother way around), I might as well mention that my graphic novel enterprise, Millennial Concepts has recently reached an agreement with the estate of Leslie Charteris to present The Saint comic strip in graphic novel/TPB format. The early continuities have never been reprinted, so this will be unique item for fans of Simon Templar and newspaper comic strips.

And with the new Saint TV movie/pilot finally moving's a good time to reintroduce this iconic character.

More details as I have them.


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